Now there's a role reversal!

For the entire last trimester of my pregnancy, Caleb had hiccups every-single-day. And it tickled! Once he, ahem, "popped out", he STILL had hiccups. Every-single-day. From birth to about 3 months, he had hiccups at least once a day, sometimes two and three times a day. No wonder he grew so fast! (haha, corny, I know!)

But yesterday we had a role reversal- I had the hiccups!

I had just finished giving Caleb a much-needed bath (he peed all over himself yesterday, first time in over a month!), even managing to take a shower myself while Caleb laid happily on his mat and kicked against the trash can, as he apparently likes the hollow noise that makes). As I got him dressed for the night.. *hiccup*.. oh, no! *hiccup*... not the... *hiccup* *hiccup* *hiccup* *hiccup*

For the next hour I had the worse case of hiccups that I've had in a REALLY long time! Caleb, as part of his evening routine, snuggled down close and began feeding...

... until he was rudely interrupted by a hiccup.

Think about this for a moment: when you hiccup, what part of your body moves? That's right- your chest. What are attached to your chest? That's right- "the girls". And what do babies do with "the girls"? They eat! Unless they can't eat because "the girls" won't stay still due to, oh my, hiccups!

It was quite comical, really. He would just latch on and then *hiccup* and he would lose the nipple, only to give me a very dirty look, like I was doing it on purpose or something.

At one point he just stopped feeding, laid back and watched me with the funniest look on his face. Seriously, it was the oh-my-mommy-grew-a-second-head look. I'm not sure if it was from not being able to eat that he thought I was intentionally prohibiting him and was wondering why, or he recognized the hiccups that he always has and wondered why Mommy was getting them all of a sudden and not him?

Who really knows what goes through a baby's head?

One thing's for sure, no more breastfeeding during hiccups.


Rain, rain, go away... And don't come back!

For those of you that didn't know, Alaska has a rainy season. A monsoon season, if you will. A season where it rains every day for a week solid, gives you a single day of brilliant sunshine and blue skies, and then the torrential rains return. This season is otherwise know as the month of August. It's been that way ever since I first came to Alaska, as well as for as long as Micah can remember (and since he was born here, that's a very long time).

Now, easy question. Is it August?

No. It's July.

What do we usually have in July?


Not this July.

Oh look! The first twelve days of the month... rain... rain... rain... rain... you get the idea. And what do we have to look forward to? Rain... rain... rain... rain... rain... and just for a change of pace... more rain! Oooo! One day of sunshine! And then it's back to rain.

This is getting REALLY annoying! Especially considering that we've been trying to schedule photo sessions and keep having to postpone due to the weather. One session we're about to have to postpone for the THIRD TIME! This kid is going to graduate high school before we have our photo session! (and for the record, he's just a yer old! First birthday session... or at least it was supposed to be!)

Sigh. I just want some sunshine. Please?

I think someone switched the calenders on me. It's really August, right?

Ha. Found ya out!


Oh sleep, where are thou?

Last week Caleb started doing this thing where he would wake up in the middle of the night starving (or so he thought) and not be happy unless he joined us in bed. Well, it's okay for one night during a thunderstorm (or fireworks!) but Micah and I wanted to be sure and nip that kind of behavior in the bud. Thursday, Friday, and Saturday night Caleb did perfectly, going to bed, and staying asleep until his morning feeding. The few times that he did stir during the night, I listened and heard him start to self-sooth and within minutes drift back to slumberland.

Until last night.

Last night was the worse night that we've ever had! It was even worse than those first few weeks of his life as at leas then we were getting 2-3 sleep at a time, for 6-8 hours total. No, even 2-3 hours for the entire night was apparently too much to ask as Micah and I only got and hour and a half of sleep!

Excuse me while I pass out on my keyboard... ejkw hgjkdnklgnkjnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

I'm back now, with a nice checkboard outline on cheek. Stylin' I tell ya.

To make matters worse, I had drank a cup of coffee about 10pm and it was, as I found out about 3 am, a mistake. Apparently last night the coffee did more than give me an added burst of energy, it had me seeing things in the shadows, hearing doors and windows open when they were firmly shut and locked. At one point I reached for the .38 by the bed because I was convinced that someone had come into the room.

Apparently the shoe rack on the back of the door looks like a person when it's pitch black and I don't have my contacts in.

Yet, if you can believe it, none of that even came close to the dreams I had when I finally did fall in a fitful sleep. Nightmares assaulted me, one right after the other. And not your typical forgot-to-wear-underwear or being-chased-by-a-giant-marshmallow. Instead, my dreams were filled with murders, kidnappings, torture, and things that made me wake up in a cold sweat.

And the baby wailing in the background certainly didn't help during the kidnapping scenes.

I don't know what was bothering Caleb. From 1:30 to 4:00 he did not sleep for longer than 10 minutes at a time. Nothing would soothe him. Not feeding, not changing, not cuddling, not rocking. Nothing. And to answer the unspoken question, he never had a day of colic in his life, and I haven't heard of cases coming up this late in life?

Finally there was nothing we could do but let Caleb cry it out until he got whatever it was out of his system. Micah had gotten about an hour of sleep already (oh yeah- while I was having caffeine-induced panic attacks, Micah was overheating to the point of him standing by the open window, trying to get some relief), so I left him burying his head underneath the pillow, grabbed my own pillow and went downstairs to sleep on the couch.

Now there is a reversal for you. hehe.

Our walls and floors are thin enough that I could still hear Caleb crying but it wasn't nearly as loud. After about 20 minutes, he finally conceded and fell asleep.

It was 4 am.

Our alarms went off at 5:30 am.

In case you didn't realize it, that's just an hour and a half.

I went upstairs and of course Caleb began to stir as I was getting ready so that I had to feed him and then put him back to sleep while we finished getting out the door. Micah is doing Coast Guard all this week so that means Caleb goes to the babysitter. :) Oh boy. It also means that I have to wake up 45 min earlier and leave 30 min earlier. Oh well.

When I woke Caleb up, he was nothing but smiles and didn't act the least bit tired, even though he had only gotten 4 hours sleep, most of it broken up. His eyes were wide open, and I could just hear what he was thinking...

"Sleep? Who needs sleep?
Not mommy and daddy.
I will never sleep again!

Yeah.. we'll see about that, kid.


P.S.- Aww! Do you see big baby blues? Yup, he's my "little hero" :)

Why I love Saturday mornings!

Right now I'm sitting on the bed, editing pictures of a seniors photo session to go up on the newly-created [m.] Photography blog (grand opening to come this week! [hopefully]), watching my handsome hubby sleeping, listening to Caleb talk up a storm, and enjoying the intermittent sunshine through the open window.

And this sunshine had better stick around because we have a 1st birthday photo shoot this afternoon...

...WHOA! Caleb just rolled over! He was lying on his right side watching Micah when the next thing I know he's over on his left side, giving me this big grin and trying to type on the keyboard. My little mover and groover! :)

.... but yeah. The rain had better stay away and the sunshine had better just stay! We've had beautiful weather during the day all week but last night it started raining.. not very promising... It's even worse because we've already had to postpone this session once due to it raining cats and dogs. We don't have another Saturday opening until August, so I'd really rather not do that to them, especially since the original session was back in June. :/

Last night we did not get home until well after 3 am as we were over playing Halo ODST Firefight with some friends. We try to do that every other weekend or so and it's always a blast! And I got the highest score of the night (and we made Par!), so I left happy. Why yes, I am really a thirteen year-old boy. hehe. [pure sarcasm, btw]

Funny... as I am typing, Caleb keeps on grabbing my finger and pulling it directions that a finger just cannot bend. Um.. child?

You know what I'm in the mood for today? A big pot of chili! But unfortunately, no onions. And you just can't have chili without onions!

Well, I'd better get back to editing, especially since Caleb just stepped on the keyboard and made me delete half of this post. Thank the good Lord for the "undo" button!


The older you are, the more love you have to give

I (finally) was able to finish the editing on the pictures from when my Grandma was here back in April. Yes, I know, I'm horrible. To be completely honest, I had, ahem, forgotten about the pictures until Grandma gently reminded me in a recent letter. Oops!

But this picture is my favorite out of the bunch. I love how tender and gentle Grandma is being, and how you can just see how much she loves Caleb...

Caleb loves his Grandma Shaw.

Though he was getting tired of her after a while...

...hehehe! Just kidding, Grandma!

She was such a help, always willing to hold Caleb, offer advice, and being there for me in every way possible.

We definitely missed her when she went back home.

We love you, Grandma.


Hurry up! No, wait! Oh, nevermind!

Thus describes life as military reserve.

First they told Micah to be ready to leave for Louisiana within a few days, then they told him that he wouldn't be going with THAT wave, but he would be going with the next wave but until then he would begoing to Bethel for inspections. As soon as he got back from that, they talked about sending him to Kotzebue right away, but for some reason it's getting squelched by someone higher up.

Oh. And remember the C-School that he was supposed to go to in just two weeks? Well, apparently when it looked like he was being sent down to Louisiana, some brilliant yeoman canceled the orders for C-School. They just found this out the other week and guess what, the enrollment for the school is full and so Micah can't get in. Yeah... his Lt. was.not.happy when he found out.

So right now, we don't really know what's going on. We do know that Micah won't be going to the C-School this year, which means he won't get the qualifications that we were hoping he would get, which means no promotions, and he's stuck doing desk-work instead of being out in the field because he's not qualified. Brilliant, I tell you, brilliant!

On one hand, I'm glad Micah won't be leaving for all those weeks, but at the same time, we had it all worked out. We had plans for the money, were hoping to pay off some debt... but what are we to do, right?

But this also means that Micah still has 20-something days of drill that need to be completed, which means we still need a babysitter. We had a babysitter lined up, but she's a teacher and goes back to work in August. Thus, a very narrow window for him to complete all these drills with the least amount of complications.

At least know we know what is happened. Now we can plan.

Which means, we also need to buy his plane ticket to Montana for our upcoming Family Reunion, as the Coast Guard WAS going buy it (as part of his travels down to Virgina)... and they definitely aren't going to now!

So... military life. Has some good, has some bad... but mmm, I love a man in uniform!


Thankful on a Thursday

Thankful on a Thursday

Sitting here, I'm trying to think of something to be thankful for... and it hits me. Why is it so difficult to be thankful? Why is it so hard to think of things to be thankful for? I just took a breath, isn't that something worthy enough for thanks?

It's true, I'm ashamed to say. Whether it's at Testimony Service during church or "Thankful on a Thursday" here at the blog, I find myself struggling to profess my thankfulness.

But instead of struggling, the thankfulness should just pour from me like water from an overflowing cup, for truly "my cup runneth over."

No, I'm not wealthy. No, I'm not some world-famous writer. No, I don't own my own house on my own land. No, I'm not drop-dead gorgeous.

We struggle each month to pay the bills. I struggle to find something interesting to say here on the blog. We struggle because we live in a ghetto house in a ghetto neighborhood. I struggle because I am still lugging around some extra "baby rolls."

Yet, we have made it financially, despite have no income for 6 weeks due to my maternity leave. Yet, I have made friends through the blogs, friends that encourage, support, and inspire me. Yet, we just finished painting our living room a wonderful green, and now I'm excited to come home to my happy room. Yet, I have managed to lose all the lb. weight from having a baby, and just managed to wear a skirt that I hadn't worn for two years.

You see? Yes, there are many things that could be but are not. We do have our struggles, and plenty of them. YET! Yet, in spite of all that, God has still continued to bless us. How else would you explain our being able to go without any income for 6 weeks while I was on maternity leave, and then on only half income for 6 weeks after that? Micah and I looked back to how much we spent during that time (mostly on diapers!) and we're amazed. How? How did we make it? It doesn't make sense? We should have been severely lacking? Where did the money come from?

I think we all know exactly where it came from.


And we're going to have to lean a little more on that faith here for the next few months and we have several things planned but due to the Coast Guard changing some plans (more on that later!), we're having to scrimp quite a bit.

But you know what? I'm thankful.

I'm thankful for what God has done, is doing, and will do.

So thanks in advance God, for the finances that You are going to take care of, for the friends You are going to bring, for the home You are making and the one You have in store for us, and for the baby rolls that You are taking away.

Though I might need to talk to Mr. Elliptical Machine about that last one, too.


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Almost, but not quite, done

Two weeks ago we started painting our house.

Two weeks later, we are STILL painting our house.

Last week saw us finishing our dining room and kitchen. This week we were supposed to be finishing our living room.

Which we did.

Kind of.

You see, we didn't get to really have a 4th of July. Friday night, we went over to Emily's with a bunch of friends and helped her paint her place. Saturday we cleaned house in order to get it ready for painting, ran errands, and visited people in the hospital. Saturday we went to Emily's for lunch after church and helped her decorate. Monday was...


Or actually, M-day if you want to get technical.

It was the day that we would begin painting our living room! The ugly dungeon red and puked-up-peas green would be gone! Hallelujah!

In their place would be a calming, soothing, bright and happy green named "Aloe Vera" (Afterward I realized that I had picked out a color that exactly matched the soap in my bathroom! weird?)

Emily came over and kidnapped Caleb and took him hiking with Uncle Matt, leaving us to paint without fears of suffocating our child.

The only thing is that I... didn't... actually... paint.

I know, I feel horrible! I started painting and then got the worse pain in my wrist and arm, to wear I just did not have the strength to move the roller up and down. After taking a break for a while, I started using the hand brush to do the trim work, but after a while I just started feeling worse and worse until Micah made me stop and lay down. So I cuddle up on the couch and took care of work on the computer while my amazing super-man of husband painted the ENTIRE ROOM! Once Emily brought Caleb back home, I made hamburgers, potato salad, and fresh corn-on-the-cob for our 4th of July supper (about the only "celebrating" that we actually had!), and took care of Caleb for the rest of the night.

But by Tuesday morning, the place looked wonderful! Before, when you would walk into the room, the atmosphere was dark and depressing, now it's bright and happy! The room just feels light, even at midnight!

But of course I don't have pictures. Never mind that I could have been writing a before/after post during all those hours that I was sitting there. Never mind that I could have uploaded before/after pictures. Never mind that I could have taken before/after pictures.

Cause you see.. that would have been the smart thing to do.

Enough said.