Decorating Caleb's Nursery

Before Caleb was born, Micah and I had every intention to fix up a cute baby nursery. Then, about two months before he was born, our rent was raised and so we knew that not long after Caleb was born, we would be moving, so why bother decorating a nursery only to leave it in a few weeks?

Well, once Caleb did arrive, Micah and I decided to co-sleep for the first few months, which was facilitated by our moving and the crib being used to hold all of Caleb's baby stuff, I'm ashamed to say.

Now we've lived here for 3 months and have (finally) gotten everything unpacked, put away, and on  its way towards becoming a decorated, attractive, and comfortable home. A milestone also took place last month as Caleb moved out of our bed into a bed of his own! Up until this point, we've been using the bassinet portion that came with our travel yard, instead of his actual crib. In fact, he's actually only slept in his crib once or twice. Just never really had a reason to until now.

But now Micah and I are ready to fully reclaim our bedroom for ourselves (and are looking forward to speaking louder than a whisper)! However, before we can move the kid, we have to have someplace to move him to. We have a second bedroom, which is technically his room, but up until now it's been used for a guest bedroom and a junk room, anything but a nursery.

Yet the ideas are swirling around in my head.

We have an awesome giveaway scheduled for later this month and the items that I'll be reviewing are intended for Caleb's room, which means motivation and accountability!

After spending countless hours pouring over pictures of nurseries, I think I've found what I want to do for Caleb's room:


Don't you just love the colored squares? They're so fun! After talking about it, Micah and I would like to do his room in greens, blues, and browns, with a bit of orange-gold accents. 

Something like this for the color scheme:

The great part is that we already have several of the colors! The green will be the same aloe vera green as our living room, and the blue is a bright, yet serene blue that is intended for our bedroom. The brown squares will use the same latte brown as our dining room and kitchen. The one thing we don't like is the actual brown on the walls in the pictures, we feel as though it makes the room to closed in, plus it would be a nightmare to paint over when we move. So, we're going we paint two of the walls the green, the one wall that is taken up by the closet doors is being paint blue, and then the main wall that everyone sees (by the crib) will have the squares on it. 

While down in Montana, one of Micah's cousins made a really cool banner using scrapbooking paper and a sewing machine! She cut the scrapbooking paper (which is thicker, more like card stock and comes in adorable patterns) into triangles, and then sewed them all together in a long line using a sewing machine. The result was a really beautiful, yet fun, banner that they used for the grandparent's anniversary party. The pictures I took are on my home computer, so here are the instructions for something similar, but they used fabric, yet the result is still the same = fun and pretty!


I want to make one of those banners, hopefully making enough so that it could go all around the room, sort of as a high border. 

Of course, Caleb will have pictures on his wall, that's a given, plus hopefully some original artwork. I want to take some canvases, paint them a solid light color, and then do his handprints and footprints on in a darker color. And I do want his name in the wooden letters, but I want to do designs on them, like polka dots, stripes, and swirls, to kind of dress them up a bit. He'll eventually having the wooden rocking horse that his daddy is making for him, but in the meantime, he'll have his toys and books, his little chair, his clothes cube dresser, the crib... just to name a few things. 

I'm a little lost though, what do you NEED in a baby's room? Do they really do much more than sleep in there until after they turn one? Right now we spend most of our time in the living room or in our bedroom, so I'm not really sure how the dynamics are going to change afterward.

Overall, we want the theme to be monkeys as not only does he looks adorable in monkey outfits, but his daddy's nickname is Monkey Micah, so don't you think it fits perfectly? We almost decided on doing firetrucks (since his daddy is studying to be a firefighter) but since this is not our permanent home, we want to give monkeys a go and see how we like it.

So what do you think? Like? Dislike? Does anyone have any decorating tips? Any advice?

I'm so excited that I want to get started tonight, but sadly it will have to wait until at least tomorrow :/


The boy... he is growing

Last night Caleb rolled over.

At least, I think he did.

Micah had just left to get something from downstairs and I was lying on our bed upstairs with Caleb, making silly faces and just enjoying the moment. For the last several weeks, Caleb has been hovering on the very brink of rolling over. He'll turn on his side and then lean way over but always seems to get caught up on that lower arm. Well, last night he really wanted to be on a certain side of the bed (no surprise- he wanted to be on the left side so he could look into our mirrored closet doors), so I scooted back to see what he would do.

Now, Micah and I don't have a regular bed (i.e. mattress and boxsprings), instead our entire mattress memory foam and is on a wooden base, instead of a boxspring and base (we have a flat platform base that Micah built). Since the bed is memory foam, not only does it make for a great night's sleep, but it is also very "cushy" and you tend to sink into it... like Caleb does.

That being said, Caleb has had difficulty when he attempts to roll over while on the bed because as he is sunk into the mattress a bit, he actually has to roll uphill in order to turn over, which is not easy for a baby to do from what I've seen.

So there I am, sitting, watching, waiting. Caleb turns on his side and begins the grunt-and-groan process of trying to turn over. He tucks his arm underneath him and begins to push back with his leg in an effort to propel his body out of the cavity. With one final grunt he leans way over and flops on his tummy.

I stop.

Did he?

Did my baby really just roll over?

Or rather, flop over?

But as I get ready to call for Micah I notice where my knees are positioned. I'm kneeling in front of Caleb. Which means that I am pinning the mattress down, which means that the mattress is going downhill.

At that moment, Micah comes back up and I tell him that Caleb sorta-kinda-not-really-rolled-over. His first response was, "Without any help?"

"Um... that, I don't know."

We put Caleb on his back again, but he began to struggle immediately. Determining that the mattress was actually more of a hindrance than a help, we moved him to the bedroom floor.

But by that time he was bored with trying to roll over, he wanted to chew on his toy keys.

Oh yeah, after showing them to him for the last month, this past weekend he all of a sudden decided that he liked his teething keys. And so he has them in his mouth all-the-time. And when he's not chewing on them, he's chewing on anything else that gets near those gums of his, the blanket, a diaper (clean, of course), his hands, our hands, my sunglasses, a coffee cup...

Yeah... you read that last one right, a coffee cup. Somewhere along the way, Caleb has decided that anything circular in shape and that holds a liquid is actually a really big bottle. And therefore, belongs to him. It doesn't matter what we're drinking: juice, water, coffee, milk... or what we're drinking from: coffee cup, water bottle, plastic cup, glass... as soon as he sees it, he starts reaching for it and opens and closes his mouth like he does when he's hungry. He kicks against whoever is holding him and makes these little "uh-uh-uh" noises, trying to get our attention. It's really too funny. The first time that we noticed it was when we were on the plane last Tuesday, coming back from Montana (wow! has it really been a week already???). Micah and I had gotten a frappe from the airport coffee shop (which turned out to be cheaper than Starbucks and McDonald's, go figure?) and carried it on the plane with us. We sat down, unloaded all our stuff, and began to drink our coffee. Caleb had been somewhat asleep before then but woke up as we boarded the plane. As soon as he saw that cup, his arms started going wild and he got sooo excited! Reaching out his hands, he tried to grab the cup from my hand and so for fun we let him go ahead and hold it (while keeping a good grip on it, of course), but then Caleb shocked us even more by trying to maneuver the straw into his mouth. How did he even know that's what the straw was supposed to be used for?

Smart kid.

So there you go, stories from life with Caleb. He's trying to learn to roll over and may have done it already but we won't claim until we see the full roll for ourselves and he's already trying to drink out of a cup and straw (which means that he'll be super easy to introduce to the sippy cup).

Man. He's growing up quick!


And in other news, Hurricane Megan once again left a clean house in her wake.

This past weekend I became a homebody. A hermit. A recluse. This past weekend I wanted nothing more than to stay at home and clean my house.

You heard me. I wanted to clean my house.

Maybe it's the perfectionism in me. Maybe it's a little bit of OCD emerging. Maybe it's the need to control everything around me. Whatever the reason, whatever the cause, whatever the excuse, sometimes I just want to clean my house.

Unfortunately for my friends and family, even though cleaning my house eventually acts as a soothing balm to the soul, initially it turns me into "Hurricane Megan" leaving a wake of destruction and bad hair wherever I go. When they see me on the horizon, spinning into my cleaning frenzy, suddenly Micah "remembers" something he needs to go to the store for and picking up our son, they run for their lives.

Perhaps I'm being melodramatic.

Perhaps not.

All I know is that once the storm has passed, the house, it is clean.

The question is, was it worth it?

...I absolutely say "yes!" Micah... well, that might be another matter altogether.


The downside and the upside

The downside is that I woke up an hour and a half late.

The upside is that I still managed to get to work on time.

The downside is that I wanted to clean my house this morning, which is why I was going to get up a half hour early.

The upside is that I still managed to clean my kitchen.

The downside is that the repairman is coming this afternoon to fix our fridge and the house is a wreck (we just got home late Tuesday night and dumped everything in the living room).

The upside is that he'll spend the majority of the time of the time my newly-cleaned kitchen.

The downside is that there are four tires sitting in the middle of my dining room.

The upside is that we'll have something funny to laugh about.

The downside is that no matter how funny the tires are, my living room is still a mess.

The upside is that Micah is home all day and can (hopefully) drag everything upstairs where it belongs and restore some semblance of order to the house.

The downside is that we want a bigger house.

The upside is that a smaller house takes less time to clean.

The downside is that I am feeling antsy cause my house is a mess.

The upside is that cleaning helps me calm down and destress,

Which is a definite upside for Micah!


Finding the Time

I've had my new blog for about a month or so now, and I must admit that I'm having fun. It's nice to be able to keep my personal life and my public life somewhat separate, to be able to respect friends and family member's privacy and yet still share the stories that make us all life, just, not with the hundreds of people that visit my public blog each month.

But I forget about this blog.

There. I said it. I confess! I confess!

I forgot about my livejournal blog, forget to update, forget that there are still people reading over here.

I'm sorry.

You have to believe me when I say that I WANT to blog, WANT to post... but there just isn't enough time to do both.

But it's like I always tell Micah, when something's important to you, you have to MAKE time.

So here I go, making time.

Be back later....



Goodbye to my baby... and to Caleb!

This morning I woke up early.

As in an hour and a half earlier than I usually do.

This morning I lugged a duffel bag down the stairs.

It was full of clothes for Micah... and for Caleb... but not for me.

This morning I filled a box with 40 oz of frozen breastmilk.

Since Caleb will need to eat.

This morning I checked flight itineraries.

To make sure their flight was on time.

This morning I kissed my son and held him close as he fed.

Because I'm not going with them.

It's 9:10am. Two hours ago I left Micah and Caleb at the airport, walking through the security checkpoint.

A little bit of my heart went with them.

You see, this weekend is Micah's grandparent's 60th wedding anniversary and so they are having a huge family reunion. It's a huge family reunion because Micah has a huge family. On my side, our family (from grandparents on down) is tiny, just 17 people. On Micah's side (from grandparents on down), there are around 60 people, babies and all. On that note, I do believe that Caleb is the newest member of the family- talk about getting loved to death!

For the longest time, we thought that Micah would be headed down to either Louisiana or Virgina for the Coast Guard, both those plans were canceled as of a few weeks ago. That left us scrambling to buy a ticket last-minute. Thankfully, we were able to cash in our miles for a ticket. Not thankfully, it was going to cost 40,000 miles in order to get the ticket. Umm.. what? Usually a round-trip ticket costs just 25,000 miles... such a waste.

But good news! We decided that since Micah's time was flexible, he could actually leave a bit early if there was a cheaper flight. There was. In fact, we were able to get the one-way flight down there for 12,500 miles, which means the round-trip would have been 25,000! Horray!

Then the big idea came. We decided that Micah would take Caleb with him down to Montana, and that I would arrive as planned on Thursday.

Oh boy.

That launched the Milk Storage Campaign. I tell you what, every time I sat down I was pumping! But in the end, we did it. Caleb and Micah are sitting at the gate, there is a frozen box headed to Montana with all the milk for the next two days, and Mommy is crying because her baby is gone...

Well, I miss Caleb, too.

Ha. I'm actually talking about my phone! Since I'm keeping the computer with me so that I can work on pictures without a bunch of distractions, Micah was going to be really bored sitting at the airport. While driving to the airport, I downloaded a radio app so that we could listen to Glenn Beck live and Micah made the comment, "I wish I had a fancy phone..." And so I said, "Do you want to trade phones for the next two days?"

I'll never forget the little-boy-puppy-dog look that came over him as he looked up at me and said with disbelief in his voice, "Really? You'd do that for me?"

He couldn't believe that I would give up my brand new phone so soon, after having had it for less than two days.

And you know something, I can't quite believe it either.

But the thing is, it's just a phone. I don't really need it, especially since I have the computer.

More than anything, I really just miss my boy. And my hubby.

I wish I was with them right now..

... Oh Thursday, come quickly, my friend!


My adorable little boy and my cool new toy

So due to the Cell Phone Disaster of 2010 I was in desperate need of a new phone. Why so desperate? Because Micah and Caleb would be leaving for the Montana Family Reunion on Tuesday and I'm leaving on Thursday, and I needed Micah with me in order to get a new phone because the account is in his name.

That didn't leave us with much time to do anything, so yesterday, on my birthday, we sat down to figure out what our options were, what we could afford, and if I even knew what I wanted.

We had accident insurance on my line, but not on Micah's line. That's important because the phone that I put through the wash was really his phone. I mean, it was my phone, but it was his phone, too. Um... let's see if I can explain this. He was using my phone and I was using his phone. Yeah.. Cause my phone died a few years ago and so we used his upgrade to get me a phone. That's the phone I put through the wash. It had lived a nice, long life of three years, but boy did I love that phone. All it did was call and text and that's all I really wanted or needed (or so I thought). Last year his phone that he had for the past 10 billion years was on its last of the last leg. Seriously, we named that thing Lazarus because Micah always seemed to manage to bring it back to life somehow. But that time was the last time, we went into AT&T and used my upgrade to get him a phone.

But now I was the one needing the phone this time. And we wanted to use his upgrade. But we didn't know how that was going to work since now I might want to upgrade?

Oh- one thing is that we looked at minutes usage of the last few months. We had the 700 minutes family plan, which for a normal family would be either just fine or not nearly enough.

Well, last month we both together used less than 300 minutes.


I used only 97 minutes.


Now before you start thinking that I don't talk- which I do- let me state that I did use almost 600 of mobile-to-mobile minutes. There ya go.

Yeah, with the exception of some of Micah's family, everyone we call regularly, and I do mean everyone, uses AT&T. We had almost 4,000 minutes saved up since last July. Funny. So needless to say, we could cut back on our monthly minutes plan.

Hmmm... since we were cutting back there, maybe I could actually join the 21st century and get a smartphone? The big thing that I was facing was that I wanted the ability to take decent pictures and upload them facebook, email, flickr, whatever. With my old phone, I couldn't even send them in a text message! That was my #1 thing. Other points where that I wanted to be able to video and html internet would be cool too.

Once we got to AT&T we met up with a super cool sales lady who was also super helpful. She walked me around each of the phones, explained it, let me hold it, trying to help me figure out what I wanted.

And that was the hard part. I didn't know WHAT I wanted! I am so indecisive, you would not believe it. The very first smartphone I looked at was the BlackBerry Curve 8520.

15+ phones later, and I still couldn't get over how much I liked that first phone.

Let me stop and say that while I am a 110% Mac Girl, and would LOVE LOVE LOVE to have one of the new iPhones, the budget simply will not allow for that right now, not the initial cost nor the increased monthly bill.

Since Micah had used his upgrade in a long time, we were eligible for extra discounts and were able to get the BBCurve for just $50, which is what the deductible would have been had gotten a replacement of my old phone. (Btw, that discount would not have applied to the iPhone).

And we were able to lower our plan, take off some little charges, and use the 15% discount from my company to reduce our monthly bill even more, so all that together makes up for the cost of a monthly data plan so I now am the proud owner of a internet browsing, picture uploading, video shooting smartphone.


Hello 21st Century!

It's good to be here.



The verdict? I love it.


One of my biggest issues with the BlackBerry's before was the stupid ball that you used to move around. I didn't like those in a mouse and I didn't like them on a phone. But the Curve 8520 has an actual mini-trackpad and it's sooooo much better. The touch-screen kind of freaks me out, so I like being able to do everything with just my thumb.

Baby steps, my friend, baby steps. 

And it has a full Qwerty (whoa- that was weird to type) which I didn't think I was going to like, but Micah declared that I would love once I got used to it.

Well, he was right. I love it.

But don't tell him that I said that, okay? It'll be a secret between you, me, and the rest of the 4,000,000,000 people on the internet. Hehe.

 And so here is one of the first pictures I took with my new toy: My adorable little boy!

My life is now complete.


Cell Phone Diaster of 2010

Something bad happened Thursday night.

Something really bad.

I washed my jeans.

And my cell phone.

Told you it was really bad.

There I was, just doing the laundry, and I threw my jeans in cause I wanted to wearing them the next day for the camping trip. The only thing was that I forgot to check my pocket first. And... my cell phone in my pocket, the pocket that I forget to check before placing the jeans in the swirling mass of suds.

Ten minutes later, I reached for my cell phone to charge it, only to realize that that it wasn't there. In that moment, I suddenly panicked, raced for the washing machine, stuck my hand into the churning machine... and pulled out the wrong pair of sopping pants.

When I did finally pull out the right pants, my phone was buzzing and shaking like a demon-possessed banshee, even though it had been completely dead prior to its diving expedition.

In short, I did violently, yet innocently, killed my phone by subjecting it to a watery grave with Davy Jones as a bunkmate. Poor phone.

To make matters worse, I had to go without a phone for the entire weekend, only to remember Sunday morning that we had an extra phone the entire time. Figures, right?

But it all ended up okay! Micah got me a new phone for my birthday! Post to come...


A birthday? Already?

Besides Caleb's 4 month birthday tomorrow (post to come), yours truly is turning ___ on Sunday. That's right! July 18th is my birthday! And I'll be.. anyone want to take a guess?

Noooooo... not 30....

Nooooo.... not 20....

NOOOOO... not 15....



A little higher...

That's right! I'll be 23

Whoa. That's weird.

I don't feel old enough to be 23, much less have a baby. Good grief! Moms have babies...

What? I'm a mom.

Whoa. That's weird.

So birthday plans? Um.. at this point? A big fat NOTHING! We're going camping this weekend with the church youth group, then on Monday we're going out to eat at Red Robin using my awesome birthday coupon (post to come) along with my BFF Emily cause her birthday is the 26th (how awesome is it that we have birthdays within a week of each other!). So I guess that could be considered celebrating. Then on Tuesday Micah and *gulp* Caleb are heading down to the big family reunion in Montana. Yes... if all goes according to plan (and I manage to pump enough extra breastmilk), Caleb will be going with his Daddy down early while Mommy stays behind and works. And yes.. it will be the first time that Caleb is gone overnight. I think that I'll be okay, I mean... Micah and I are not the time of parents to be ubber attached, we enjoy time with and without Caleb. And after all, Caleb will be going with his Daddy, and all the family will be there, including his aunts and uncles, cousins, and his Grandma.

More than anything, I think that it's going to be weird. Yes, as in Whoa. That's Weird.

After all, for the past four months I've taken constant care of this little guy, but as of Tuesday morning, I'll be baby free for two days. My plans? Take a long bubble bath and go to bed early. That's it. Yes, boring, I know. But I'll take my thrills where I can get them.

I'll be leaving out Thursday morning for Montana, and all three of us will be flying back the following Tuesday. Oh boy! It's going to be great.

So basically, we're counting the entire trip as my "birthday" as Micah and I aren't really doing the present thing this year.

So yeah... happy birthday to me?

Oh-- and since we're going camping, no posting until tomorrow, which will be Caleb's birthday post. So see you tomorrow! And just so you know... Caleb's birthday post made me cry....


Thankful on a Thursday

I know, I know. I'm really late with this post. In fact, since I have to leave in 15 minutes to go pick up Micah from the CG office, and then I have to go pick up Caleb from the babysitters, and then meet up with Emily to go grocery shopping, and then once we're back home, we have to get ready to go camping this week. So basically, this post will either be really short or it will be finished about 10pm tonight. So really it will be Thankful on a Friday. Ha!

Today I am thankful... that I have a boy!

If that doesn't make sense at first, think about it. We could have had a boy... or a girl.

Micah and I REALLY REALLY REALLY wanted a boy!

We have nothing against girls, in fact, we eventually want two girls. We know that we will name our first girl Samantha Marlene and our second girl A_____ Jeanne. The Marlene is my middle name, my mom's middle name, and my grandmother's middle name. The Jeanne is Micah's mom's middle name. We like that our girls will carry on the family names like that, yet still have their own first names. (Yeah, we haven't settled on a name for girl #2 yet, but we do know that it will start with an "A") In the closet we have a whole box filled with little girls items (since we didn't know what gender Baby was going to be), and I can't wait to dress up a girl in all the pretty colors.

But we really wanted that boy first.

In our families, I was the oldest out of the three, and the oldest in Micah's family is his sister, Rebekah. So we both grew up with the "big sister".. ie. BOSSY sister. Hey, I'm just being honest with myself.

My whole life, I wanted a big brother. Thankfully, Micah had two brothers older than him, so he was able to experience that as a kid, even though he also had a big sister. Having experienced both sides of the issues, we knew that we really wanted our first child to be a boy. We wanted to have that "big brother" for all the rest of our kids.

And God answered the desires of our heart.

The whole time that I was pregnant, we didn't know what Baby was going to be, a boy or a girl? Yet, somehow, Micah and I  knew that we were having a boy. While the *three* of us would cuddle at night, we'd talk to my belly, to Baby, and say, "We love you! But you'd better be a boy, otherwise we're sending you back!" (totally teasing, of course)

And then came the moment of truth. I pressed down hard, pushed with all my might, and out slid a screaming, wet, squirmy baby. The nurse then declared, "It's a... BOY!"

We couldn't have known...

It was impossible to tell (the whole time, Baby REFUSED to turn towards the camera, which made it easier for us to keep our promise of not finding out).

But somehow... we knew...

Somehow we knew that we would get our silly, handsome little boy. The one that would smile and laugh and stick out his tongue (just like I did when I was a baby).

Our little man... who loves his daddy...

And his mommy...

Who both love him... so much.

Someday, we'll have our girls. And hopefully we have several more boys. But for now, God has richly blessed us with the deepest desire of our hearts... a son.

And I'm so thankful.


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