forevermeg (forevermeg) wrote,

friday night creeps and empty wishes

We are watching silence of the lambs right now. I've always heard that this is a scary movie. Brrr. Not what you really want to watch on a dark, cold Friday night.

I talked to Alaena a little while ago and she helped calm me down a little bit. According to her, I should work there but keep on looking for another job. I agree.

Brrr.. this bad guy in the movie is giving me the creeps. I am not going to be able to sleep tonight.

I don't think that I will be sleeping anyway.

Tonight, I need to get my mind off my present circumstances. Therefore, I plan to stay up and work on my SS lesson for Sunday and, if I have time, I would like to work on my scrapbook. I now have the pictures I need for the latter part of the scrapbook.

This guy is still giving me the creeps.

I wish I could turn off my brain. I wish I could close my eyes and make things disappear. I wish I could just listen to the beating of my own heart and drown out the voices around me. I wish I could find a quiet place out west somewhere and just lay out in a grassy field underneath the stars and just breath.

But if I wish my life away, can that really be called a life? Is that really living? Or just surviving?

I want to LIVE the LIFE!

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