forevermeg (forevermeg) wrote,

Caleb & Daddy, just Caleb, and a Mommy thrown in for free!

I was going through my picture files last night and I realized that I had all these pictures of Caleb that I never uploaded. For shame! So be prepared for a picture overload!

Ha, I was on a B&W fix when I edited these:

Oh gracious. I love a man in uniform. Mmmm.

Awww... I love that Micah loves babies and I love that Caleb loves spending time with Daddy. Love love love!

Now for the color again:

Will you just look at those baby blues!

I love Caleb's eyes!
He melts my heart.
Oh, please Lord, let Caleb's eyes stay blue!!!

These go back a bit in time...

I do believe that this was the last time he wore this sleeper. It was super tiny.

I love these next pictures. They came from our clamming trip down the Kenai at the end of June. And get this... these colors are REAL! The sky really was that blue! Beautiful!

Super baby! Caleb loves to fly!

Micah loves to play with Caleb, and that makes me love them both all the more.

These were taken that next day, all inside our tent, believe it or not. It was raining and the wind was blowing super hard so we just cuddle up inside, just the three of us, and had fun playing with our boy!

Whenever Caleb gets excited he opened his mouth all the way... don't you know you can catch flies that way, kid?

Then he started staring straight at the camera. Wow, what a gaze!

The walls of the tent where white and so it made some really cool back lighting!

And a picture of yours truly, thrown in for free! Surprise- I was actually having a good hair day after being out camping for three days without a shower!

So there are all your pictures for the month. :P


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