forevermeg (forevermeg) wrote,

The boy... he is growing

Last night Caleb rolled over.

At least, I think he did.

Micah had just left to get something from downstairs and I was lying on our bed upstairs with Caleb, making silly faces and just enjoying the moment. For the last several weeks, Caleb has been hovering on the very brink of rolling over. He'll turn on his side and then lean way over but always seems to get caught up on that lower arm. Well, last night he really wanted to be on a certain side of the bed (no surprise- he wanted to be on the left side so he could look into our mirrored closet doors), so I scooted back to see what he would do.

Now, Micah and I don't have a regular bed (i.e. mattress and boxsprings), instead our entire mattress memory foam and is on a wooden base, instead of a boxspring and base (we have a flat platform base that Micah built). Since the bed is memory foam, not only does it make for a great night's sleep, but it is also very "cushy" and you tend to sink into it... like Caleb does.

That being said, Caleb has had difficulty when he attempts to roll over while on the bed because as he is sunk into the mattress a bit, he actually has to roll uphill in order to turn over, which is not easy for a baby to do from what I've seen.

So there I am, sitting, watching, waiting. Caleb turns on his side and begins the grunt-and-groan process of trying to turn over. He tucks his arm underneath him and begins to push back with his leg in an effort to propel his body out of the cavity. With one final grunt he leans way over and flops on his tummy.

I stop.

Did he?

Did my baby really just roll over?

Or rather, flop over?

But as I get ready to call for Micah I notice where my knees are positioned. I'm kneeling in front of Caleb. Which means that I am pinning the mattress down, which means that the mattress is going downhill.

At that moment, Micah comes back up and I tell him that Caleb sorta-kinda-not-really-rolled-over. His first response was, "Without any help?"

"Um... that, I don't know."

We put Caleb on his back again, but he began to struggle immediately. Determining that the mattress was actually more of a hindrance than a help, we moved him to the bedroom floor.

But by that time he was bored with trying to roll over, he wanted to chew on his toy keys.

Oh yeah, after showing them to him for the last month, this past weekend he all of a sudden decided that he liked his teething keys. And so he has them in his mouth all-the-time. And when he's not chewing on them, he's chewing on anything else that gets near those gums of his, the blanket, a diaper (clean, of course), his hands, our hands, my sunglasses, a coffee cup...

Yeah... you read that last one right, a coffee cup. Somewhere along the way, Caleb has decided that anything circular in shape and that holds a liquid is actually a really big bottle. And therefore, belongs to him. It doesn't matter what we're drinking: juice, water, coffee, milk... or what we're drinking from: coffee cup, water bottle, plastic cup, glass... as soon as he sees it, he starts reaching for it and opens and closes his mouth like he does when he's hungry. He kicks against whoever is holding him and makes these little "uh-uh-uh" noises, trying to get our attention. It's really too funny. The first time that we noticed it was when we were on the plane last Tuesday, coming back from Montana (wow! has it really been a week already???). Micah and I had gotten a frappe from the airport coffee shop (which turned out to be cheaper than Starbucks and McDonald's, go figure?) and carried it on the plane with us. We sat down, unloaded all our stuff, and began to drink our coffee. Caleb had been somewhat asleep before then but woke up as we boarded the plane. As soon as he saw that cup, his arms started going wild and he got sooo excited! Reaching out his hands, he tried to grab the cup from my hand and so for fun we let him go ahead and hold it (while keeping a good grip on it, of course), but then Caleb shocked us even more by trying to maneuver the straw into his mouth. How did he even know that's what the straw was supposed to be used for?

Smart kid.

So there you go, stories from life with Caleb. He's trying to learn to roll over and may have done it already but we won't claim until we see the full roll for ourselves and he's already trying to drink out of a cup and straw (which means that he'll be super easy to introduce to the sippy cup).

Man. He's growing up quick!


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