forevermeg (forevermeg) wrote,

A birthday? Already?

Besides Caleb's 4 month birthday tomorrow (post to come), yours truly is turning ___ on Sunday. That's right! July 18th is my birthday! And I'll be.. anyone want to take a guess?

Noooooo... not 30....

Nooooo.... not 20....

NOOOOO... not 15....



A little higher...

That's right! I'll be 23

Whoa. That's weird.

I don't feel old enough to be 23, much less have a baby. Good grief! Moms have babies...

What? I'm a mom.

Whoa. That's weird.

So birthday plans? Um.. at this point? A big fat NOTHING! We're going camping this weekend with the church youth group, then on Monday we're going out to eat at Red Robin using my awesome birthday coupon (post to come) along with my BFF Emily cause her birthday is the 26th (how awesome is it that we have birthdays within a week of each other!). So I guess that could be considered celebrating. Then on Tuesday Micah and *gulp* Caleb are heading down to the big family reunion in Montana. Yes... if all goes according to plan (and I manage to pump enough extra breastmilk), Caleb will be going with his Daddy down early while Mommy stays behind and works. And yes.. it will be the first time that Caleb is gone overnight. I think that I'll be okay, I mean... Micah and I are not the time of parents to be ubber attached, we enjoy time with and without Caleb. And after all, Caleb will be going with his Daddy, and all the family will be there, including his aunts and uncles, cousins, and his Grandma.

More than anything, I think that it's going to be weird. Yes, as in Whoa. That's Weird.

After all, for the past four months I've taken constant care of this little guy, but as of Tuesday morning, I'll be baby free for two days. My plans? Take a long bubble bath and go to bed early. That's it. Yes, boring, I know. But I'll take my thrills where I can get them.

I'll be leaving out Thursday morning for Montana, and all three of us will be flying back the following Tuesday. Oh boy! It's going to be great.

So basically, we're counting the entire trip as my "birthday" as Micah and I aren't really doing the present thing this year.

So yeah... happy birthday to me?

Oh-- and since we're going camping, no posting until tomorrow, which will be Caleb's birthday post. So see you tomorrow! And just so you know... Caleb's birthday post made me cry....

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