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Thankful on a Thursday

I know, I know. I'm really late with this post. In fact, since I have to leave in 15 minutes to go pick up Micah from the CG office, and then I have to go pick up Caleb from the babysitters, and then meet up with Emily to go grocery shopping, and then once we're back home, we have to get ready to go camping this week. So basically, this post will either be really short or it will be finished about 10pm tonight. So really it will be Thankful on a Friday. Ha!

Today I am thankful... that I have a boy!

If that doesn't make sense at first, think about it. We could have had a boy... or a girl.

Micah and I REALLY REALLY REALLY wanted a boy!

We have nothing against girls, in fact, we eventually want two girls. We know that we will name our first girl Samantha Marlene and our second girl A_____ Jeanne. The Marlene is my middle name, my mom's middle name, and my grandmother's middle name. The Jeanne is Micah's mom's middle name. We like that our girls will carry on the family names like that, yet still have their own first names. (Yeah, we haven't settled on a name for girl #2 yet, but we do know that it will start with an "A") In the closet we have a whole box filled with little girls items (since we didn't know what gender Baby was going to be), and I can't wait to dress up a girl in all the pretty colors.

But we really wanted that boy first.

In our families, I was the oldest out of the three, and the oldest in Micah's family is his sister, Rebekah. So we both grew up with the "big sister".. ie. BOSSY sister. Hey, I'm just being honest with myself.

My whole life, I wanted a big brother. Thankfully, Micah had two brothers older than him, so he was able to experience that as a kid, even though he also had a big sister. Having experienced both sides of the issues, we knew that we really wanted our first child to be a boy. We wanted to have that "big brother" for all the rest of our kids.

And God answered the desires of our heart.

The whole time that I was pregnant, we didn't know what Baby was going to be, a boy or a girl? Yet, somehow, Micah and I  knew that we were having a boy. While the *three* of us would cuddle at night, we'd talk to my belly, to Baby, and say, "We love you! But you'd better be a boy, otherwise we're sending you back!" (totally teasing, of course)

And then came the moment of truth. I pressed down hard, pushed with all my might, and out slid a screaming, wet, squirmy baby. The nurse then declared, "It's a... BOY!"

We couldn't have known...

It was impossible to tell (the whole time, Baby REFUSED to turn towards the camera, which made it easier for us to keep our promise of not finding out).

But somehow... we knew...

Somehow we knew that we would get our silly, handsome little boy. The one that would smile and laugh and stick out his tongue (just like I did when I was a baby).

Our little man... who loves his daddy...

And his mommy...

Who both love him... so much.

Someday, we'll have our girls. And hopefully we have several more boys. But for now, God has richly blessed us with the deepest desire of our hearts... a son.

And I'm so thankful.


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