forevermeg (forevermeg) wrote,

Thankful on a Thursday

Thankful on a Thursday

Sitting here, I'm trying to think of something to be thankful for... and it hits me. Why is it so difficult to be thankful? Why is it so hard to think of things to be thankful for? I just took a breath, isn't that something worthy enough for thanks?

It's true, I'm ashamed to say. Whether it's at Testimony Service during church or "Thankful on a Thursday" here at the blog, I find myself struggling to profess my thankfulness.

But instead of struggling, the thankfulness should just pour from me like water from an overflowing cup, for truly "my cup runneth over."

No, I'm not wealthy. No, I'm not some world-famous writer. No, I don't own my own house on my own land. No, I'm not drop-dead gorgeous.

We struggle each month to pay the bills. I struggle to find something interesting to say here on the blog. We struggle because we live in a ghetto house in a ghetto neighborhood. I struggle because I am still lugging around some extra "baby rolls."

Yet, we have made it financially, despite have no income for 6 weeks due to my maternity leave. Yet, I have made friends through the blogs, friends that encourage, support, and inspire me. Yet, we just finished painting our living room a wonderful green, and now I'm excited to come home to my happy room. Yet, I have managed to lose all the lb. weight from having a baby, and just managed to wear a skirt that I hadn't worn for two years.

You see? Yes, there are many things that could be but are not. We do have our struggles, and plenty of them. YET! Yet, in spite of all that, God has still continued to bless us. How else would you explain our being able to go without any income for 6 weeks while I was on maternity leave, and then on only half income for 6 weeks after that? Micah and I looked back to how much we spent during that time (mostly on diapers!) and we're amazed. How? How did we make it? It doesn't make sense? We should have been severely lacking? Where did the money come from?

I think we all know exactly where it came from.


And we're going to have to lean a little more on that faith here for the next few months and we have several things planned but due to the Coast Guard changing some plans (more on that later!), we're having to scrimp quite a bit.

But you know what? I'm thankful.

I'm thankful for what God has done, is doing, and will do.

So thanks in advance God, for the finances that You are going to take care of, for the friends You are going to bring, for the home You are making and the one You have in store for us, and for the baby rolls that You are taking away.

Though I might need to talk to Mr. Elliptical Machine about that last one, too.

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