forevermeg (forevermeg) wrote,

Almost, but not quite, done

Two weeks ago we started painting our house.

Two weeks later, we are STILL painting our house.

Last week saw us finishing our dining room and kitchen. This week we were supposed to be finishing our living room.

Which we did.

Kind of.

You see, we didn't get to really have a 4th of July. Friday night, we went over to Emily's with a bunch of friends and helped her paint her place. Saturday we cleaned house in order to get it ready for painting, ran errands, and visited people in the hospital. Saturday we went to Emily's for lunch after church and helped her decorate. Monday was...


Or actually, M-day if you want to get technical.

It was the day that we would begin painting our living room! The ugly dungeon red and puked-up-peas green would be gone! Hallelujah!

In their place would be a calming, soothing, bright and happy green named "Aloe Vera" (Afterward I realized that I had picked out a color that exactly matched the soap in my bathroom! weird?)

Emily came over and kidnapped Caleb and took him hiking with Uncle Matt, leaving us to paint without fears of suffocating our child.

The only thing is that I... didn't... actually... paint.

I know, I feel horrible! I started painting and then got the worse pain in my wrist and arm, to wear I just did not have the strength to move the roller up and down. After taking a break for a while, I started using the hand brush to do the trim work, but after a while I just started feeling worse and worse until Micah made me stop and lay down. So I cuddle up on the couch and took care of work on the computer while my amazing super-man of husband painted the ENTIRE ROOM! Once Emily brought Caleb back home, I made hamburgers, potato salad, and fresh corn-on-the-cob for our 4th of July supper (about the only "celebrating" that we actually had!), and took care of Caleb for the rest of the night.

But by Tuesday morning, the place looked wonderful! Before, when you would walk into the room, the atmosphere was dark and depressing, now it's bright and happy! The room just feels light, even at midnight!

But of course I don't have pictures. Never mind that I could have been writing a before/after post during all those hours that I was sitting there. Never mind that I could have uploaded before/after pictures. Never mind that I could have taken before/after pictures.

Cause you see.. that would have been the smart thing to do.

Enough said.

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