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Living in the projects... of remodeling, that is!

Currently, Micah and I are renting a townhome here in Anchorage, saving up for when we get to buy/build out in the Mat-Su Valley. We negotiated with our landlords to do some remodeling around the place in lieu of our first month's rent (which was a huge blessing as we moved during my maternity leave). We've gotten a large portion of the small-work done, but there are still things here and there. One of the big things was that the whole place needs to be repainted.

Apparently, the people before us had to patch the walls and professionals, they were not. Micah's had to replaster a couple of places, but the real travesty was the paint job. Imagine it, a nice, bright room with big windows and lots of light, all of which is sucked away by dark, dense BURGUNDY walls. Ugh. And to make matters worse, half the walls are the ugly burgundy color and the other half (I guess they tried to be creative or something) is this ugly army-green color. And that's just the living room. The dining room had the burgundy color on the bottom and this weird poo-brown color on top. I'm not even sure what to call it besides "gross"?

Well, we've been meaning to paint since we moved in two months ago, but we've had one thing right after another but we finally got motivated last week by my BFF getting her own place. While at the store picking out her paint colors, Micah and I finally got around to agreeing on paint colors and *shocker* actually buying paint colors!

We decided to go with a light latte brown in the dining room as it goes well with our kitchen being done in reds. We considered doing the bottom half in red, but couldn't find a shade that worked well with the color we chose for the living room, which is... *drumroll please* : Aloe Vera.

Yeah, I know, right? Completely odd name. But it really is a pretty color, in spite of sounding like we chose it in the middle of the cosmetics aisle.

It's not the neon-bright green, but the softer, yet light green that you see more in the interior. It will brighten up the living room SO much! I can't wait! Hopefully we'll get a large portion of it painted between tomorrow and Monday.

The big accomplishment right now is that MY DINING ROOM IS DONE! (I think) We started by painting the top of the dining room the latte brown, and were going to paint the bottom half the green, with a white chair rail running down the middle.

But I didn't like it. Not one bit.

I thought the colors clashed.

Micah just wanted me to make up my mind.

So then we considered painting the bottom half white, but Micah wants as little white as possible, so we just ending up painting the whole living room and dining room the latte brown, taking out the 90's chair rail but living the trim the nice, crisp white. I do like it a ton better than the burgundy/poo brown color scheme, but I will admit that I did like having two colors in there. Lord help me, I might be changing my mind (again!).

The other highlight of yesterday was found was looking on Craiglist (does anyone else here just LOVE Craigslist?)- two really nice bookcases for sale. I knew that they were just want I was looking for, the problem would be convincing Micah to let me get them.

Easier said than done.

For someone who is a spontaneous shopper, who spends cash like it's going out of style, he sure does hate for me to spend money.



When Micah stopped in here at work to say "hi", I showed him the picture and then asked what he thought. And then he looked at me and said, "I'm trying to think of a reason why we shouldn't." And then with a sigh he went on, "but I can't think of one."

And the winner is...


And what a steal, too! Both bookcases for $45, made out of nice, heavy oak? cedar? Sorry, the only wood I recognize is pine. :/ They have a pretty curved top and four large shelves. Perfect for all my recipe books, and finally! A place for my knick-knacks and pictures!

Right now we have then positioned one on each side of the downstairs bathroom door, which helps separate the dining room from the rest of the house and hides my food shelves (I think that's the best part)!

For the rest of the week we'll be painting, loading up the bookshelves, and organizing the living room. It's still a long ways from what I would like it to be --I would like to have a real couch and not a futon--- but each day is another step in the right direction.

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