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Back in action.. now may I go to sleep, please?

Wow. What a weekend.

From Friday at 5:01pm to Monday morning at 2:00am, it was nothing but go-go-go! I have tons of pictures and stories to share, but OF COURSE, our card reader is MIA, so all said pictures shall remain on the camera until further notice. Actually the entire card reader isn't MIA, just the part that you actually stick the card into, we have the cord, believe it or not!

I love going on trips, taking vacations, and traveling in general. I don't really mind packing for it or even unpacking, the part I don't like is what my house looks like AFTER the packing and even the unpacking: horrible. In essence, it looks as though a tornado, usually yours truly, tore the house, throwing clothes there, piling dishes there, opening that drawer, and for days afterward I will find things in the oddest of places. Like, how did my hairbrush end up in the Tupperware cupboard? Or Micah's shoes in the downstairs bathroom? Caleb's clean clothes mixed in with the bathroom towels? Or the football in with his baby toys? Mysteries. All complete, unsolvable, sorry-but-try-again-next-time-Sherlock, mysteries.

Emily had come back early from the clamming trip, and was gracious enough to clean destruction that Micah had left in his wake in the kitchen, yet, by the time I got through putting everything away and Micah finished cleaning the clams (why is it whenever you clean something- a rabbit, clams, or a fish- IT'S clean, but everything else is dirty???), the kitchen was in even worse shape than it was Friday night!

Thankfully, I got up this morning full of energy and purpose, despite the exhausting weekend, and manage to get the kitchen mostly clean before I had to leave for work. All that's left is for Micah to clean up the icky, soot-covered camping pots and pans, and throw out the remains of the clams that he left in the bucket. Though, he's lucky they're still here and not in the belly of our raw-meat-loving cat! I'll have to tell you the story of his eating the face off a rabbit sometime.... Not a story for the faint of heart, or the weak of stomach.
Tags: home, humor, life

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