forevermeg (forevermeg) wrote,

Is there anything more adorable than a baby laughing?

No, I really don't think there is anything. Caleb had his first real laugh at the beginning of June and each week he is getting more and more excited and laughs at every little thing- the cat, his uncles, daddy's faces, mommy doing her hair. To a baby, life itself is exciting.

I love that.

I had Caleb all to myself the other day and so I decided to have some fun and upload a video of Caleb laughing for all the grandparents. It took some creativity to figure out how to hold the camera and record with Caleb occupying both my hands. Finally, I managed to pin the camera underneath my chin in such a way that I could point it at Caleb's face without having it tip over. Unfortunately, that also meant that it was right underneath my mouth and you can hear my Darth Vader breathing throughout the entire video.

In my defense, I was sick when this was taken, so my voice sounds even more "husky" than it actually is.

Oh well, just watch the kid. The kid is cute. :P

Tags: baby, video
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