forevermeg (forevermeg) wrote,

The start of something new

When I first started blogging, Blogger was my site of choice, but after a few years, certain quirks began to irritate me so I made the switch to Livejournal, where I've had my personal blog for almost four years. Though I intend to continue maintaining the Livejournal blog actively for close friends and family, I want another blog, a twin, if you will, that would be more public-friendly. While I do love certain features of Livejournal, and think that the actual posting is easier, Blogger is much easier to design, and allows more anonymous commenting and interaction, which is nice for all my readers.

For as long as it is feasible, I will double post (on each site), though some posts might show up on here that won't show up on there and visa versa. The new blog is:

(I will be rerouting the "" to point to the Blogger site, as well)

Thank you, to all my faithful readers-- this is for you!

Tags: blogs
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