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My tushy is beginning to hurt...


Because we're back on pins and needles!

Yeah, you guess it. The Coast Guard changed their mind. Hmm. I thought that was a woman's prerogative?

Micah called me yesterday during my lunch break to let me know that HE got a phone call from the CG. And he is going... to Bethel. That means on Sunday he'll be packed onto a plane and flown to Bethel, out in western Alaska, where he will conduct facility inspections in all the villages out there.

If anyone out there has had the opportunity to visit some of the villages, you know that it is sooo different then Anchorage, or even Bethel for that matter. In fact, Bethel is called "the city" if you can believe that. And compared to most places, it is!

And then there are the names: Kwethiuk, Napaskiak, Tuntutuliak, just to name a few.

And no, none of those are typos.

It's taken me two years and a lot of spitting and tongue-twisting to learn how to pronounce the names. And they just roll of of Micah's tongue.

Well, what do you expect, he's Eskimo!

Anyway. When I was up here over the summer of 2007 (while we were engaged).. wait. Was it that summer? Or was it the next summer, 2008, when we were both visiting during the inspection week. Hmm. I think it was 2008. Oh well. Not important.

ANYWAY, while I was here over the summer of _____, I was able to tag along while Micah and the other coasties went to Kwethiuk, and was able to see the inspections up close and personal. They had to go through several of the tank farms and make sure everything was up to code, ie. no leaks, proper sings, etc. What is a tank farm, you ask? The villages don't have access to a road system, and most don't have access to a plane, either. Instead, everything comes by boat. The barge will come through a few times a year and drop off giant drums of oil and gasoline. This is then rationed out to the villagers to use for their vehicles, snow machines, and to heat their homes.

Side note- If you're in Alaska, it's a SNOW MACHINE, not a snow mobile. If you say snow mobile then we will throw a snowball at you and laugh. Read an article on the debate here:

Okay, back to the subject.

Those tank farms need to be inspected to make sure they are safe, and that's what Micah does. Or at least, it's what he'll be doing again come Sunday. He should only be gone a week, which is a week too long in my book. Yes, it does get lonely without him. It means I have to change a diaper after all.. hehe! (long story)

As far as when he'll be shipped down to the Gulf, we simply don't know. The Coast Guard decided to wait on sending the next wave, but it will probably be sometime in the next week. All we know is that the next time orders DO come in, Micah will be going.

So, back to pins and needles.

Ouch! That one hurt!

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