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Love at first sight

Sorry that the pictures have taken so long, Aunt Tammy, but here you go! Grandma and Caleb!

Grandma got in from the long, long, LONG flight a little after midnight Saturday night/Sunday morning. As soon as she took Caleb in her arms, he snuggled down and went to sleep. Ever since then he smiles when he hears her voice and she can get him to sleep quicker than anything!

Truly, it was love at first sight!

Look at the big smile he's giving her! Mommy's almost jealous, hehe.

Already Grandma has been a huge help, not just with watching Caleb, but with housework and cooking, too. She loves to bake as much as Micah and I and is in the kitchen as I speak, making chocolate chip banana bread. Mmmm. Oh, and mexican casserole too. She's tex-mex all the way.

We took her to the commissary and BX yesterday so she could look at the souvenirs and booths. She got some really nice things, but some are gifts, so no telling!

Then last night was Caleb's Baby Shower (another blog post) and she got to be there for that, too. I'm not so sure about her being here though, she's telling all the stories from when I was a baby! About me running around in just a diaper.. yeah.. Not so cute when you're on the receiving end, ha!

But I've missed Grandma. I haven't seen her since Assembly 2008 and Micah hasn't seen her since the wedding. It's good to have this time together.


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