forevermeg (forevermeg) wrote,

A little dreaming...

Sitting here, dreaming about what I would do if I had the home of my dreams and the budget of my dreams. What would my home look like?


I know the house I want. I saw it in a Better Homes and Garden magazine (which is my favorite magazine in the whole world, btw) oh, back in 2001 or something. Don't worry, I saved the pages. I love love love the style of the architecture and general layout, though there are things that Micah and I will change. We're adding a front porch (the original just has a set of steps and covering), changing the color (although I love the yellow, Micah would NEVER live in a yellow house.. so we're thinking a green or blue, though maybe even a natural wood/stone if we can find the shade we both agree on), adding a large back deck, adding two side yards w/ the one on our side fenced in for privacy.

As far the layout of the house, please allow me to take you on a tour.

First, we walk in the front door. The front door is, of course, red. Regardless of the color of the house itself, the door is red. What's more, it's oversized and has a small 6 to 9-pane window at the top.

Yeah, something like that.

Once you go in the door, the living room will be on the left. Actually, it's better to call it the family room. Games, movies, and just a bunch of relaxing. Of course, we'll need a big comfy couch for that. A sectional would be nice.

But Micah would never let me have a RED couch. I can do the accents in red. But no red couch for me. Okay, maybe something in brown tones?

There, that's better. With a custom-fitted slipcover so I can wash out that juice that one of our kids spilled. Though I do like microsuede... so that topic is still up for debate.

Of course, if it had a chaise lounge, then it really would be perfect!

All the family would pile on the couch and watch movies on our flat-screen TV. But we can't have a TV just sitting on the floor, now can we? Need space for all our movies, games, and equipment.

Aw, look, wasn't that nice of them? It even has a place to put the blankets and pillows!

Let's leave the family room and move over to the kitchen that's across the hall. One big thing is that I want an EAT-IN kitchen. Basically, Half of the room would be the "dining room" and the other half would be the "kitchen." Oh, and no tile here. Hardwood floors all the way.

Now, in the kitchen itself I'm torn between wood cabinets and white cabinets. White looks sooo pretty. But sticky little hands= smudges galore!

So maybe I should just go with the wood.

But the white is soooo pretty!

Stop. Think. Be practical.


One thing I can't budge on. I must have a mixture of cabinets. Some will have solid wood doors, others will have glass windows, and the ones on the end will be open-ended cabinets.

And then there are the appliances. But that's another whole post in and of itself.

And then there is the eating area. Hmm.. now this part, I'm just not sure about.

We could go traditional.

Or we could do a booth/table combo. I've always loved me a good booth.

We can come back to the table. Let's move on. Time is slipping away.

Go down the hallway. Of course, there has to be lots of built-ins. We need someplace to put all our books!

On our way back to the bedroom, let's stop and peek in on the schoolroom.

It'll be a combination of a bunch of ideas. It'll have wood:

But also the wrap-around counter/desk space. Lots of room to spread out.

And maybe even a window seat and quiet-play area. The perfect place to curl up in the sun with a good book while I help the younger ones with their letters.

And just right across the hall will be my office. My writing/crafting space that will be YELLOW! It's the one room in the house that Micah has agreed to let me paint yellow. That is what keeps our marriage happy: the promise of a yellow room.

This will be my white furniture room. White and yellow. Happy, don't you think?

Add some nice storage space...

Ooo... and some of those cool ladder bookcases too!

Though mine will have baskets and books, not dishes, on them.

Kind of like this. Because of course, I'll have a big comfy chair too.

Well, I think that's enough for part 1. I'll save our bedroom suite, the great room, the fireplace, the stairs, the mudroom, the laundry, and the half-bath for later. Of course, there's always the upstairs too. And don't forget about the outside.

Whew! Who knew decorating was such hard work!

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