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Baby's Room is DONE! DONE! DONE!

Over the course of the last week we were able to get the last of the baby furniture that we needed (Praise the Lord for scholarship money!).

(warning, some of the stuff below I already mentioned in my Friday post)

On Saturday we bought the crib from the on-base Scratch and Dent store. I love that we can shop military! The crib is originally priced at $150+ and we got it for $37. Not too bad at all!

On Tuesday we picked up the travel yard w/ bassinet that we'll be using in our bedroom for the first few weeks. We got it from a guy I met through work.

On Friday night we got a dresser that I had seen on Craiglist earlier that week but it was a little too much $$. It got reposted Friday morning with a reduced price and so we snatched it up! It'll be awesome because we can use it as a changing table now and then an actual dresser after baby gets bigger.

On Saturday I saw a glider rocking chair on Craigslist and emailed the guy about it. I liked it, but didn't love it, though I loved the price. After we ate breakfast I just happened to go on Craiglist again and saw a glider AND ottoman that we loved! Best part, it was just $10 more. We called the guy and within an hour had gone to pick it up.

And Saturday we picked up the crib mattress from Wally World!

Between Saturday and Sunday we set up everything, including the crib, and got it all into place. It looks great!

Well, why don't you just take a look for yourselves!

This is the reading and feeding nook. I'd like to still get a soft lamp for over here so we can rock Baby without turning on the bright overhead light and waking him up.

This is the chair we got.. isn't it awesome! They had only used it a few times. Their baby just didn't take to it.

This is the crib. Mom says she absolutely loves it. We're pretty fond of it ourselves! lol!

This is the dresser/changing table. I'll be getting some baskets to put in the open space for the changing supplies.

All in all, we don't have much left to get. I'd like to get a rug for the floor because the carpet, although durable and stain-resistant, gives me carpet burn every time I sit on it. If it's that mean to me, I know that Baby won't like it. So I'd like to get a soft, fluffy rug. The lamp and baskets I already mentioned. We'll need a changing pad and crib sheets. And sheets for the travel yard. Add some pictures on the wall and this place will be rockin'!

My favorite part? The fact that the Baby's room is done with two months to spare! That means I won't be stressing out the week before. At least, I won't be stressing out about the ROOM. I'm sure I'll fine something else to stress about. Or at least, that's what Micah says! Hehe.

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