forevermeg (forevermeg) wrote,

The days fly by...

It's amazing how it seems as though I just blogged yesterday, but upon
investigation, I realized that no, it wasn't yesterday.. it was FRIDAY...
What?!?!? Really??

It doesn't seem as though it's been that long but looking back over the
events that have transpired, yeah, I can see how it's been that long.

Friday- This marked the beginning of Week 18 for me and baby. Baby's getting
bigger and bigger every time I see him/her and causing more and more
trouble. Lately it seems as though Baby is jumping up and down on Mommy's
bladder... and from what I hear it's only going to get worse! Friday also
marked the beginning of Minister's Convention. I had my BTI boost to do that
evening, which I have a confession to make.... I had ideas running around in
my head all week long and was going to take Thursday night to write
everything down... well, I forgot. Instead I remember Friday... at 3 in the
afternoon. And we have to leave for service at 6:30... uh... not good... And
of course I actually had to WORK too, so, not a lot accomplished.
Thankfully, I have a vivid imagination, a strong prayer life, and as Dad
puts it, a knack for pulling things out a hat. Out of the three of those
things, I do believe the prayer played the most important role. Thankfully,
God took what little I had and made it grow so hopefully someone was able to
get something out my BTI boost. (Note to self-- prego brain = MUST USE

Saturday- Micah had to be up relatively early (for a Saturday) in order to
go to Costco so we could get our tires put on the Xterra. Did I ever tell
about that whole fiasco? No? Well, as you all know, Micah and I only have
the one vehicle, so it makes running errands during any other time other
than the weekends a nightmare, due to his evening classes. Jenna was nice
enough to offer to let me borrow her car one Friday so Micah could take the
Xterra in to get tires from Costco. So I rode downtown with Jenna, she went
to work, I took the car onto base for my job. Meanwhile Micah went to Costco
to get the tires. He wasn't sure what size tires we had so I looked them up
while at work and texted him the numbers. He gets the tires and meets me at
the Captain Cook after work so I could hop in the car with him and give
Jenna back her zoom-zoom mobile. The next day Micah makes an appointment for
that evening to get the tires changed out. He calls me about 5:15 and asked
where I found the numbers for the tire size. I told him. Well, they're the
wrong size. WHAT?? Apparently there are TWO different sizes for Xterra
tires... we have the bigger ones, not the smaller ones. Sigh... So he
returned those tires and went to buy the right size. Sorry, they're sold
out. Why? Because the bigger size is unusual and they don't carry them in
stock. SIGH! So he just went ahead and came home. We decided that it would
just be cheaper to order the tires and have them shipped to Costco cause if
nothing else, the mounting price would save us $200. One day during the next
week I didn't have to cover housing so Micah could take the car to Costco.
He did and.. guess what? Someone had ordered the EXACT tires that he wanted
in the EXACT size and ended up not wanting them.. did we? Uh.. YEAH! See,
they didn't have the X Ice tires that he wanted in the first size (that we
THOUGHT was the right size) so he settled for another one that was okay, but
not really what he was wanting. But those tires ended up being the wrong
ones, period. And on the EXACT day that he goes back in to buy tires they
had these.. really? Come on.. is that a blessing in disguise or what? So,
that's what he was doing Saturday morning, getting tires put on. Meanwhile
I went to the State Leadership Meeting and afterwards Jenna and I went to
Costco so she could shop. She showed me these awesome tank tops that are
super comfy, super stretchy, and perfect for my 2nd trimester belly. I think
I've worn one every day this week! And of course, we had service that

Sunday- Started off with another great service for Minister's Convention.
Micah and I went home to grab a bite to eat, catch a few ZZZzzz, before
heading over to the Nowlings for a website meeting. The meeting went really
good and we had a lot of good ideas going around. Levi will be webmaster
with him managing the website while Micah takes care of the media and helps
with the coding, and Jenna and I will be doing a lot of the designing and
making it look good. After the meeting the house was invaded by youth and we
spent the rest of the afternoon playing games and just goofing off. We
didn't have service that evening so Micah and I enjoyed a rare night along
and went to bed early. I think I got a good 9 hours sleep.. it was
absolutely heavenly.

Monday- Monday was Monday, nothing too interesting, nothing too out of the
ordinary, at least, not until I was on my way home from work. I passed
through an intersection and looked over and saw Jeremy. I started to wave
but he was turned around and I could see Lillian in the backseat. I kept on
going and finally stopped at a light. While waiting for the light the change
I had this sudden feeling like I should check my phone, which was still on
silent from work. I pulled out my phone and what do you suppose it said but
"Jeremy Calling"... Since I was still stopped at the light (you can be on a
handheld phone on-base) I quickly answered. Jeremy asked where I was and
when I said I had just passed him he said, "Yeah, I'm two cars behind you.
Hey, can ya'll watch Lillian tonight? Heather is in the hospital." Uh...
yeah.. of course... We pulled off at the park a little ways ahead and he
told me about Heather as we switched over Lillian's carseat. Her face we so
funny when Jeremy opened the door, she saw me and just started laughing. You
could tell that she knew she was going on a field trip, from the black
Xterra to the yellow Xterra. Jeremy went back to the hospital to be with
Heather (babies can't go in ICU) and I took Lillian home. Micah was all
excited when I walked in and he saw Lillian, not so excited when he heard
the reason why she was there, but still happy to see her, you know? If there
ever was a guy who loved babies and kids more, I've yet to meet him.. Btw,
Milo is terrified of kids. I think having the 6 kids here back during June
kind of scarred him for life. Now whenever anyone walks in the door, whether
it be adult or a baby, Milo takes one look and then goes hides in the
closet. Silly Kitty.

Tuesday- I was about to say "uneventful" until I remembered that Tuesday was
our Seal Group! There were two of the ladies there from last time, and two
new girls. And I do say girls and ladies.. the ladies, one in her 30s and
one in her 40s, are so different than the two girls, one about my age and
the other looks to be just 16.. I'm still the smallest and the earliest as
far as pregnancy goes. We're all within the same 6 weeks though, which is
nice cause it allows us to all care about the same topics. This month's
topic was aches and pains and apparently we all got them. Though, I'm
thinking I might have some sympathy pains cause I didn't have some of these
aches until AFTER Tuesday, when they just "magically" appeared.. well.. I
wish that they would "magically" go away! But we heard Baby's heartbeat..
147, so that's good. I gained 2 lbs in the last month, so I'm doing good,
not gaining/losing any more than I should, just trying to eat consistently
and healthily and remain active. Micah learned how to operate the ultrasound
machine this time and so Marilyn spread the goo and Micah pushed the sensor
around on my belly and right away he found Baby! In past visits Baby has
been hiding and we had a really hard time finding the heartbeat. This time
it's strong and right there! It shouldn't be long until we can hear it with
a stethoscope and then we'll be able to lay in bed and listen to baby any
time we want to! The one icky part of the meeting was that I had to have the
glucose text done for gestational diabetes since my Granny has diabetes and
my Momma had gestational diabetes when she was pregnant with my brothers.
The test consisted of me glugging down this pint of "Glucola" which should
have been named "Nastiness." They tried to make it taste like orange soda..
well.. sorry.. I happen to HATE any drink that is orange-flavored other than
natural orange juice, the way God made it. But orange soda.. barf bag
please! It took me 10 minutes to drink that bottle and OF COURSE the time
didn't start until the last drop when down my throat. And OF COURSE after I
drank that stuff I couldn't eat anything and I was hungry! Grr... but the
entire meeting I sat there with my bladder full, my stomach bloated (but
empty and void of food-- sniff.. and they had pineapples...), and just an
overall uncomfortableness. Finally, an hour later, they took me to the back
of the room where they proceeded to attempt to draw my blood. They couldn't.
Of course. My veins are virtually non-existent. Whenever I've had blood
drawn they've always had a horrible time finding veins because I really only
have one in each arm and they are really, REALLY thin. Yet, when they
finally do stick me, I bleed super face. They always told me that I'm going
to be in trouble if I'm ever in a car accident cause I'll probably die from
loss of blood before the ambulance arrives. Great. Thanks. I must say
though, it kind of has me worried about the delivery, cause I know you bleed
a lot... I'll just have to make sure the midwife is aware of the situation
and is duly prepared. Tuesday finished up with NCIS and Grilled Cheese
Sandwiches with Chicken Corn Chowder at the Nowlings.

Wednesday- Yesterday daytime was.. boring... yesterday evening was
interesting.. Jeremy was waiting for me when I got out of work and he handed
off Lillian so he could spend the evening with Heather. Once home, we fed
Lillian and then headed off for church. As soon as we drove up, Lillian saw
where we were and started laughing and smiling-- she was happy to go to
church! After church we went to Taco Bell with everyone else (tons cheaper
than Village Inn, but we don't stay nearly as long on Wed. night, work the
next morning and all). Afterwards we headed to the hospital to see Heather.
Once there I called them and next thing we knew, Heather comes rolling out
in a wheel chair, her face bursting into a smile when she sees Lillian. She
hadn't seen her little girl since Monday morning, nearly 60 hours! We sat
and talked with them for a while before taking Lillian home with us so
Jeremy could get some sleep before Heather's exam this morning. I must say..
it was interesting to go from pregnant to stand-in-mommy in less than 24
hours.. Lillian thankfully only woke up once during the night and otherwise
slept peacefully. Meanwhile I tossed and turned and heard every little sound
she made. I'm going to have to learn to be ignore the little noise once Baby
comes, otherwise I'll NEVER any sleep.. what precious little sleep Baby does
allow me. Needless to say, I'm tired today.

And that brings us up to today, folks! Wow-- this has been a Becki
Horne-style post, nothing for a couple days then BOOM!

Now I know why I usually try and write every day.. This once a week deal is
just too exhausting!


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