forevermeg (forevermeg) wrote,

It's the most wonderful time of the year

That's right, I'm really starting to get in the Christmas mood, and it's not
even the end of October yet! I have all our Autumn decorations out right
now, leaves and flowers and whatnot. The house smells like apple spice from
a candle, though, last night, the smell came from the applesauce muffins I
made to take to work today.

About the muffins. I got in a productive mood last night, which normally
just entails cleaning, only this time I wanted to bake as well. I didn't
dare make cookies or something like that because neither Micah nor I needed
to consume that much sugar. So instead of placing myself in temptation, I
instead baked up a batch of applesauce muffins that I could bring into work
and get rid of, hehe. Normally I make applesauce bread but Micah and I got a
mini-muffin pan and I wanted to use it for the first time. With my goal
clearly in mind I mixed up the batter and proceeded to fill the tiny cups,
pop the whole thing in the oven, and set the timer. I went back to watching
my show and washing the dishes when all of a sudden I realized that I had
set the timer for the time it takes for a LOAF to cook! Tiny muffins take a
tiny bit of time.. like a 1/4 of the time!

Rushing to the oven, I pulled out the nicely "toasted" muffins.. a little on
the overly toasted side, but some butter on top and a piece of bread in the
bag overnight and those things would be delish! Of course, even with the
Plan B, I made sure to set the second batch for a LOT less time... After 13
minutes they were a perfect golden brown, the picture of what an applesauce
muffin should look like.

BTW, if anyone doesn't know what an applesauce muffin is, then I'll explain.
Simply put, it's a muffin... made with applesauce. Kind of like banana
bread, except with.. tada! applesauce!

The muffins are a big hit, but anyway, back to the Holiday spirit!

I've started playing Christmas music more regularly, watching Christmas
movies, looking at potential Christmas gifts for certain people (I think
I've found Micah's), thinking about how I want the tree and house
decorated.. all that...

We know that we'll get a live tree again, if at all possible. Micah and I
had a live tree for our First Christmas back in 2007, but last year there
wasn't enough space in the apartment and we would be gone 1/2 of December
and were broke to boot, so we had a sad little charlie brown fake tree.

I plan to make up for that this year. Our first year we did blue, silver,
and white for our tree. I think this year I want to go classic green and
reds, but with old fashioned twist. You know, a quilt for the tree skirt,
plaid ribbon, wood ornaments.. that sort of thing. I can't wait!

Oh well.. back to work... and only 2 months as of Sunday until we leave for

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