forevermeg (forevermeg) wrote,

This has to be Micah's child...

cause it's as stubborn as all get-out!

We had an ultrasound today, which both of us were all excited for. Since I'm
17 1/2 weeks along, we would see a lot more than the mere 12 weeks (???)
ultrasound that we had when baby was tiny and looked like an alien. Well,
now I'm supposed to be far enough along to see the more defined limbs, and,
if we wanted to, the gender of the baby.

Well... nada. Sorry.. that ain't happening..

That baby was sooooo stubborn! Baby curled up into a ball, laid on his/her
side and refused to move. The tech had me rolling from one side to the
other, getting up and bending down to touch my toes (which I can still do!),
going and emptying my bladder, and anything else he could think of in order
to get that baby to turn around and face the camera. Nope. Wasn't going to
happen.. In fact, during the hour and a half ultrasound that stubborn baby
only looked at the camera one time and the tech was measuring something else
so he wasn't even able to get a shot of the face before baby turned back
around. But it was long enough for Micah and I both to go "oh my!"

That baby looked like a Halloween mask! Since he/she is still a young 'un
and as such hasn't "fleshed out" yet, baby is basically only skin and bones
and shows up as mostly the bones on the ultrasound. It was slightly creepy.
Okay, it was really creepy.. we went from having an alien baby to having a
skeleton baby.. oh my...

So, as you can imagine, we didn't see anything "down there" on baby. Micah's
wanting it to be a surprise but at this rate, we won't find out even if we
did want to know!

Anyway.. what ya'll are really wanting are pictures:

See? It actually looks like a baby now! And the print-out they gave us is
actually life-size, just over 5 inches long!

Look at the tiny hand.. the tech said that the fingers look long... could we
have a future pianist in our midst?

But baby is doing very good. The due date is right on schedule, though
personally, I hope baby comes later rather than sooner, cause of the way my
maternity leave will fall. Yeah, that's the thing. Christine, the other
woman in my office, was due on a Tuesday the day after Labor Day, go figure,
and worked right up until that Friday before. Now if I am able to work up
until two days before my due date, then my 12 weeks of maternity leave will
end the day AFTER camp ends, which means that both Micah and I would be able
to go to camp! So, I'm praying in faith believing...

Love to all, from me and baby..

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