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Back-to-School/Family Portrait Session

In my last blog post I mentioned that we finally got the editing done on the rescued pictures. Since I had talked so much about the pictures over the last two weeks, I decided to go ahead and share a few since they turned out so well!

The mom, Amanda, and I have been emailed and calling back and forth over the last several months, as she first contacted me back in June. Wow. That's four months ago. Whew. Then there were some major family situations that took place, which resulted in a lot of prayer on their behalf. Needless to say, the intended July family session never took place, and didn't look like it would happen until next year. But Amanda wanted SOMETHING, so instead of shelling out major $$$ to the school for fall portraits, she called us instead for a back-to-school/family portrait session. Perfect!

It had rained all week long and was forecasting rain far into the next week, but God answered even more prayers and the sun broke out around 2 pm, so that it was mostly dried off with a warm Autumn sun shining down by the time we did the photo shoot at 4. After that... everything went great!

So, picture time!

Those are just a few of the back-to-school photos of the boys. Now for the younger sister.. she was sooooooo adorable! Terribly shy, she spent most of the time huddled down in her little pink plaid vest. Micah and I switched the camera out to the telephoto lens and stood a ways away and she finally felt safe enough to flash us some cute smiles.. so long as we didn't come any closer...

This is her being "turtle" as mom would call her.

This is my favorite picture of the whole day, it's pure childhood:

And for the whole family:

Little sister was ready to go home by then... but still a sweet family

Alright, so whatcha think? These are the pictures Micah and I love taking.. our passion, if you will.. children.. families.. showing the togetherness... innocence...

Well, ta-ta.. we have another shoot to get ready for this afternoon.


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