forevermeg (forevermeg) wrote,

Hello 17 Weeks!

Your Pregnancy: Week 17 Though increased blood flow is good for baby, it
might be making you a little...damp. Body secretions (think sweat, mucus,
nosebleeds) are in full force. This week might also mark the first time you
feel baby move inside you, but don't worry if it's another two months before
you notice anything. (Or realize that this time, it's actually not gas.)

*Baby's now the size of an onion!*
Baby's skeleton is hardening, changing from rubbery cartilage to bone, and
fat is finally accumulating around it. His umbilical cord is getting thicker
and stronger, and those little fingers and toes now feature one-of-a-kind

Micah and I tried to hear the baby last night with the stethoscope, but baby
must either be asleep or still too small to hear without the sonogram
machine. I took an onion and last and held it up to my belly... I still feel
and look so small, so it's hard to imagine something as big as an onion
being inside my tummy. But I definitely have a baby belly. I can't even suck
it in. While in front of the mirror I tried pulling my stomach in and I
couldn't. The middle of my chest went in, all the way to the ribs, but I
still had this bump just below my belly button.. just the right size to hold
our little.. onion, at least for the next week.. then baby will be a.. ha!
can't tell you! It's a surprise!

I wrote some more in my baby journal last night. I have a journal where I
try to write every couple of days, or at least once a week. My entries are
written to this little one, and I call myself Mommy, and Micah, Daddy. I
tell baby how excited we are, and the things he/she is putting me through:
constipation, morning sickness, sensitive nose, tiredness, etc... But also
about the good things: about my growing bump, and the things that the
grandparents and great-grandparents are buying for baby, and how Micah has
never felt a baby kick in his mommy's tummy because he wanted the first baby
he felt move to be his own baby. (which both baby and I think is the sweet,
most wonderfully romantic thing I've heard.. ever)

Sometimes I talk about my fears.. of miscarriage.. of baby being healthy and
strong.. of being able to provide financially, physically, and
spiritually... of knowing how to take care of a newborn baby (had a panic
attack about that one yesterday)... but then I turn around and take those
fears and turn them into prayers.. I close with telling baby that I love
him/her.. and I sign it "Mommy"...

I'd like to be able to do this for each of our children, though #6 might
just get a single letter written on notebook paper.. hehe... But something
special, just between the two of us..

I do have a scrapblog that I've been working on, but until recently, have
not had much in the way of pictures or images to go with it. Then our
computer went down, so any work on the computer has pretty much ground to a
halt. Hopefully it will come back soon... soon!

I'm trying to decide if Micah and I should take pictures this weekend.. 17
weeks pictures, or if we should space it out a bit more. Any thoughts?


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