forevermeg (forevermeg) wrote,

Look at the pretty circles...

In my mind that is... my mind is going around is circles these past few
days. I got some of the circles taken care of by writing my Dad a 5-page
letter. No, it wasn't me complaining or anything, instead it was made up of
a bunch of questions I had run across during my Bible reading. And since I
still think my Daddy is one of the smartest men ever, second only to Solomon
and Da Vinci.. :) who better to ask?

Last night I had all of 30 minutes to make supper before we had to leave for
church. Solution? Sliders! I cut open and toasted some yeast rolls, mixed up
some yummy hamburger patties and sauteed mushrooms and onions. Then I piled
the mushrooms and onions on top of the patties and laid the cheese over
that, so it would keep everything in place. Oh yeah, and the hamburger
patties had been mixed up with my own combo of spices and then put BBQ sauce
straight into the mix. Mmmm. Juicy from the inside out. Micah raved over
them, so I'll call them a success! Oh... and we had bread and butter pickles
to go on top!

We went to the library Sunday afternoon, and I have a confession to make...
it was the first time I've been to the Library since March. *hangs head in
shame*.. yes.. I know.. I'm horrible. But in my defense, I have been reading
this whole time. I had gotten that big bunch of books from CBD back in the
spring and then Jenna gives me her castoffs so that has kept me well
supplied all summer and most of this fall, but now I'm getting kind of low
so back to the Library I go! Ha! I made a rhyme!

Just so you know, pregnancy makes you have weird dreams. I had THE weirdest
dream ever last night. Now, normally, I don't dream.. in fact, I only
remember dreaming once during my childhood and that was when I was 10 or so,
cause I dream that I was wearing a red poodle skirt in the DeLand church and
it fell off as I walked up the aisle. Then, I dreamed again when I was 15
and I dreamed a bomb was set off at the Assembly. Then I really haven't
dreamed since then... until the past few months.. and I think I know why.

Well, last night/this morning I had the weirdest dream yet... so weird in
fact that...
... I can't share it. Needless to say.. it involved me kicking Micah out of
the house.. and that's as far as I'm going to go in telling THAT story.

But other than that.. life is good.. it's almost weekend.. woohoo!


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