forevermeg (forevermeg) wrote,

Not a watermelon yet...

I'm really loving this second trimester, don't ya know. I have so much more
energy than I ever had in the earlier months and except for the occasional
flare-ups of morning sickness when I don't eat on schedule, I feel good too.
People have told me that I'm entering into the "glow" stage where my hair
gets shiny and long, my skin clears up, and as long as I keep active and
eating healthy, I get to be "tiny preggo".. the cute stage before the
watermelon takes over my body.

Yes, I have been thinner in my life, I've worn the size 5 and all that
jazz.. but for me, in my own humble opinion, I think this is the best I've
ever looked. Maybe it's just because there is a reason behind it all.. a new
life that I'm nurturing and caring for, a new life to bring into this world,
such as it is.

One thing I'm wondering about is at what point we should start putting
together the nursery. We know what colors we're going to do: green and
yellow. I've known since I was 13 years old that I wanted to name my first
daughter Samantha Marlene, I wanted my first son to have the middle name
Joshua (we've decided on Caleb Joshua), and I wanted to decorate the nursery
in greens and yellows with frogs and ducks. Or froggies and duckies, as I
call them, hehe.

The way I figure it, decorating in these colors will allow us to purchase
less clothing, decorations, etc, because they'll work for either a boy or a
girl. This will be really nice once we get our own place, cause then we can
set up the dedicated nursery and use it for all six kids. Mom said at first
that it was hard buying clothes in yellows and greens, and especially hard
buying without knowing the gender. Well, since that time she's relented a
bit since finding that Carter's has several lines that not only promote the
desired yellows and greens, but also has ducks and frogs!

You know, I shared some pictures on Facebook last week, but never posted
them on here. I'll do that now!

This is what Mom does if she sees something she likes that's
gender-specific---- she buys two!

Isn't the bath towel cute?

And here is a shot of everything so far

But yeah.. baby stuff aside... our Macbook, poor baby, had a bad cough and
had to go the Doc to get a new set of lungs. Translated: Our computer's fan
started going out and was making horrible noises so we took it to the Apple
Store and they're replacing the fan for us (warranty, baby!). That means
that I was without a computer all night last night.. waaahhh! It worked out
though cause I was actually able to get some housework done.. wow, big

I put in Mark Lowery's DVD "The Last Word" and laughed my head off at all
the early 90s (it was recorded in 1992) hairdos (love the mullet, Mark),
clothes (leggings and a baggy sweater, anyone?), and music.. (the beginning
of gansta) ...... I'm glad that I was born at the END of the 80s and was
spared much of the early 90s embarrassment. Of course, that's makes me a
little worried about what our kids will say in 10-15 years about the early
2000s fashion embarrassments.. oh dear...

But even with the blushing laughs, I did manage to get a lot clean, mostly
in the living room, dining room, and bedroom. Tonight we have business
conference at church, but I'm hoping to get some work done in the spare room
after I get home. Really, it's crazy in there. There is plenty of space to
store everything, but it's... messy, to say the least. We moved right when I
was starting with the morning sickness and so I was too weak and sick to do
anything, much less clean, organize, and unpack. Everything got tossed in
the two bedrooms and the doors pulled shut. Now I feel good again which
means I have to brave the unknown and potentially deadly.. "junk room"....

Okay.. time to work. Bye!


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