forevermeg (forevermeg) wrote,

Oh baby...

I started to type a reply to Bek's comment on the below post, only to
realize that my "reply" was turning into a "post".. so it had to migrate to
an entry of its own. Yesterday, Marilyn upped my dosage of the anti-acid and
anti-nausea medicine. We really need this stuff to settle down so I can
start KEEPING stuff down. It turns out that not only was I not taking the
full amount, but I wasn't even taking 1/2 the amount I needed to (she got
after me for that). I took the full amount yesterday and actually felt
really good and productive for once. I even went and made a yummy Quiche for
supper (and today's lunch). As much as I don't relish taking the medicine, I
was throwing up so much that baby wasn't getting enough nutrients, and if I
kept it up much longer, I would start burning body fat instead of consumed
calories, and I need what I already have to help baby as it is. Thus, the
bit of "help."

Still, as much as I hate the throwing up each day, in one way I'm thankful
for it because it's like a bit of daily confirmation that everything is
going okay. What's more, my pregnancy books (and Marilyn) all say that the
sicker I am, the healthier baby is.

(Yes, I know, it's bad to end sentences with prepositions, and I'm bad about
doing it. But I figure, hey, it's a blog.. as long as spelling and grammar
are on bar, I can slip in a preposition or two, right?)

I'll be 14 weeks in two days, that's... what... nearly 4 months? 16 weeks in
4 months, right? I wonder when I'm going to start showing. We haven't
bothered taking prego pictures yet cause there isn't anything to see. But
I'd like to take a few this weekend, you know? Even if I'm not big yet, I'm
definitely pregnant!

There was something else I was going to say but I totally spaced it. Oh

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