forevermeg (forevermeg) wrote,

2nd Doc Appointment

So I just got to work after having my 2nd doctor's appointment. This one was
uber quick compared to last time, barely 45 minutes instead of nearly 2
hours. Nice.

I got there and a nurse weighed me, come to find out, I've lost ANOTHER ten
pounds from last month. Um.. This makes a total of 18 pounds since I found
out that I was pregnant. According to Marilyn (our doc/midwife), this is
completely normal considering how sick I've been, and I'm not burning any
body fat and baby is still getting all the nutrients baby needs, so I should
not be concerned at all. Instead, she says I should just enjoy being
pregnant and tiny! hehe...

It's funny though, they measured my uterus and everything is good, baby is
normal size and everything, yet my belly only measures 9 weeks, and I'm
almost 14 weeks. Ha! We'll see how long the tiny belly lasts.. if Momma, Mom
Peter and Bek are any indication, we'll be having a big baby... oh boy. The
things to look forward to...

One good thing: Most pregnant mommies are cold for the first part of their
pregnancy and then die of heat in the last trimester. I'm hoping that I
follow suite, and I should cause I'm FREEZING right now, because that would
mean that my core body temp would be extra warm during the dead of Alaska
winter--- can we say bonus? Hey, it's better than what my mom went through
with me, for sure. She was pregnant with me during the worst of Florida
summer, and it was the last trimester to boot. So elevated body heat,
swollen feet, hot sun, and bugs... need I go on?

Thanks Mom.....:P Hopefully I've made it up to you just a little over the

Alright.. back to work.. love to all.


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