forevermeg (forevermeg) wrote,

We're officially in business!!!

The new business on the block: [m.] Photography!

This morning we got an email from a lady who saw our website, loved it, the pictures, everything, and wanted a quote on a family portrait session for late July.

I read the emailed, recoiled, and shouted "whoa!" Micah came over, read over my shoulder, and promptly curled up in a ball, rocking back and forth.

Now please understand that neither of us has worked on the website or the business since March, when we did the engagement shoot for Michelle and Jerrod. About that time I submitted our website to Google search, knowing that it usually takes around 6 months for it to get approved, and even longer for it to gain prominence.

Well... if you are from the local area (Anchorage) and type in "Family Photography".. WE are the first ones to come up!!!

Wow. First of all, shocker on the Google thing.. and second! Whoa! Apparently she just was looking at various businesses and liked ours best. We put together an outline, complete with the price quotes, location options, etc, and sent it back to her about three hours later (enough time to not make us look anxious while still being prompt). I just checked my email and she had replied two hours later stating "Thanks for getting back to me so quickly. Your team seems to be just what we are looking for (and at the right prices at that!)."

She sounds really cool, using phrases like "wonky" and "rambled on" and she and her family live out in Willow (they'll drive in for the shoot). And get this.. they have 6 kids!!! All under the age of 9! And a set of twins, one boy and one girl! The twin girl is apparently really shy so they want to get together before the shoot otherwise it won't be until "an hour into the shoot before she'll look at you."

We are so excited!!! Nervous... but so excited! We'll be working towards our dream, making some money, and get to spend time with what sounds like a really cool family.

And get this, our devotions last night (Micah and mine) were on dreams, how God has given us dreams and all we have to do is ask for strength and wisdom and He'll help us fulfill those dreams. When we prayed, one of the dreams we mentioned was the photography business, that God would lead us and guide us, fulfilling this dream.

Well, this dream is quickly turning into a reality. Thank you God!!!

Yeah. Me happy.


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