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Mini Road Trip

Micah and I decided to make use of this rare free week together by having some "us" time. Yesterday we ran errands so we could spend today just having fun and enjoying each others' company. For us, this meant going on a road trip! We slept in, made ourselves Denver Omlettes for breakfast, then grabbed the camera and headed out on the Seward Highway. We started off being just driving down past Girdwood, taking in all the sights.

We finally pulled over at a scenic overlook and took a bunch of pictures, watching a family fish in the waters below while I attempted to put in my contact in my sore and hurting eye.

My right eye, and only my right, has been giving me trouble for a while now. I'll be fine for a while and then out of the blue I won't be able to put a contact in my eye. I really need an eye exam, new contacts, and a pair of back-up glasses. But all that cost $$ we're trying to save right now.

After all that we headed back to Girdwood, driving around the town a bit before heading farther down the road toward to Crow Creek Mine, which was supposed to have some cool historic buildings and such. We bumped and jostled our way down 4 miles of rough dirt roads, filled with chuckholes and rocks. Let me tell you, not having a 4x4 almost makes your teeth get knocked out of your head, but if you don't have 4x4 for AWD, I tell you, Xterra is the way to go. Between their height, suspension, and sheer strength and maneuverability, my baby took to those roads like a duck to water. For 7 minutes, it was able to stop being a city car and instead live life like an Xterra is supposed to live.

Of course, once we actually got to the mine, it was closed. Of course. So we jostled our way back to the main road and headed towards the Highway before pulling off at the shopping center there by the Seward Hwy. There is a little ice cream shop there that Micah and I stop at nearly every time we're out that way. It's way overpriced by really really yummy. He had a local ice cream, Glacier, which was ginger ice cream with dashes of cinnamon. Meanwhile, I had the fried ice cream dipped in chocolate. MMmm. We sat outside in the sun, eating our ice cream, letting it drip down our chins, while watching a father and son play with their red bone hound dog. Beautiful dog, let me tell you.

After the ice cream, Micah and I headed the car towards Anchorage and drove until we saw a place we wanted to stop. Driving along, we saw some water off to the side and as we passed we realized that it was a waterfall! "Fall Creek Falls" to be exact, which is ironic since that is the name of a place down in TN as well.

We turned around, after stopping at another place, and headed back to the falls. I took some pictures while Micah climbed out on the rocks in his new water/hiking shoes. I was taking a picture when all of a sudden a voice said, "It's beautiful, isn't it?" --- I nearly jumped out of my skin! I whirled around and there was this guy standing there, looking at the waterfall. He realized that he scared me half to death and apologized, going on to comment about the waterfall. I made polite conversations as he complimented Micah on his climbing ability and then promptly proceeded to climb up after him! I was smart and took the trail. :P I went up and meet Micah where he was talking to the man, who was named Bill, about the waterfall and the area. It turned out that the Bill and his wife had just moved back after being away from Alaska for 10 years, and he couldn't get enough of being outside. He then noticed my taking pictures and asked if, since I was a photographer, if I could send him some of the pictures.


He shelled out $20 to cover the printing and postage costs, and then had us take some pictures of him by the falls before he headed back down to the car to get us his address and contact information.

Man. A business card would really come in handy right about then!

After the guy left, Micah and I made sure to get some really good pictures for the guy, who was apparently very trusting. We're going to print them out in 5x7s for him, and maybe throw in a few extras of other shots from earlier in the day. And we'll be sure to include a flyer for [m.] Photography. A little publicity never hurts...

I must say, that is the oddest place we've ever been hired. :)

Well.. I'd better wrap this up. Micah is wanting to go to bed.

Let's see--- we hit up another place or two before ending up at Beluga Point, but by then I was too tired to take pictures, must less climb out on any rocks. We decided to keep Beluga Point for another day.

Once we got home, Micah filled out Fasfa stuff while I made mmm mmm mmm Momma's Chili. Yes, it has to have the mmm mmm mmm in front of it. Then Micah and I straightened up a bit, watched the Heroes Season Finale, and then played a few rounds of Nazi Zombies on Call of Duty 5. We made it all the way to round 11!!!! (That's hard, in case anyone was wondering) We've finally worked out a strategy, so yeah.

Alright. Bedtime. Love to all. Happy spring.

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