forevermeg (forevermeg) wrote,

What? Really.. REALLY???

I'm done.

I don't believe.



3:17 AM. I got done sooner than I thought I would.

If I ever put a paper off this late ever again.. someone, please.. take a baseball bat and knock some sense into my head.. at least that way I can get an extension because of the concussion. :D

Seriously... I had two 8-10 page papers... Both ended up being 10 pages long. Finished one Tuesday night, then I started the second one THIS MORNING... Yes.. I wrote 10 pages on:

The Battle for the Soul:
Symbolism within the Bhagavad-Gita and its Relationship to Spirituality in India

Which included FOUR PAGES of annotated bibliography.

I hate annotated bibliography.

It didn't help that she wanted all peer sources. You know, doctors, professors, articles from journals, and scholarly periodicals... normally, no problem. Sadly enough for me, apparently none of the academic people have ever written anything on this subject. I must be a first.

Thank goodness for Google Books, I was able to use their preview, which usually contains 80-90% of the text, to look up library books that there would be no way possible for me to get my hands on at this point in time. I ended up with ten sources: 2 translations of the Gita, 1 non-peer source (for a quote of Gandhi), and 7 peer sources (2 more than the 5 min.). Most of the peer sources ended up being Swamis... yeah... as in Doggie Swami for all you GiGi lovers out there. I had to make sure that they were educated, which thankfully, they were, professors, founders of societies and organizations, authors, etc.

But yeah.. That bibliography was an absolute nightmare.

Thankfully, this paper was actually pretty easy to write once I got all my sources together. I spent about 6 hours gathering the sources and putting together my bibliography, then started writing around, oh, 8?.. so what's that? just under 8 hours? Man. Sounds a whole lot longer than it felt. I really started getting into the subject matter about half-way through, so much so that I'm over the 2,500 word limit by about 400 words. Oops. My bad.

I will wake up in about 2 hours, at 6, so I can get ready for the day and print out the papers so I can review them between then and work, that way I can make any last-minute changes and print them out at work.

It's interesting though, from Genesis to Hinduism. Dude.

Tomorrow will be a little be sad as it will be my last day as a student. :( and :), all at the same time.

Love ya'll. Time to get 2 hours of sleep. One thing for sure, I will be going to bed supremely early tomorrow. Byes! And good morning. ;)


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