forevermeg (forevermeg) wrote,


I'm at work.


Michelle is out today.
Laurie is out today.
Yumi, Ki, and Harrison don't come in until the afternoon.
Dr. Ra hasn't come in yet.
And Stephanie just left for class.

So, technically I am in charge right now. But I'm a student worker.
Stephanie (who is the office manager) hopes that Dr. Ra won't have something
to say about me being a student worker left alone. After all, it's not like
there were a lot of alternative choices.

But yeah. This is one interesting more. Yes, in this case the word does fit.
It's just strange. First of all, my usual log-in won't work on the
receptionist computer, in fact NONE of the log-ins were working. I was
finally able to log in with Michelle's password/username, which pulled up
HER old account for this computer, the one that has access to the database
and that's about it. But really, that and Excel is all I need. But it was
trippy for the first hour and a 1/2 cause I couldn't DO anything. I was
literally just twiddling my thumbs. I had filled all the paperwork on Friday
and everything else had to be entered into the database before being filed.
Finalyl at 9 o'clock the enrollment office opened up and I was able to take
some student forms to be registered for classes.

So I'm "in" right now- but quickly running out of stuff to do. I was
supposed to contact the prospective students for our April short courses but
I don't know if I feel comfortable doing that without a supervisor/higher
authority here.....

Oh wait! Dr. Ra just came in. Okay, now everything is good! (I hope!)


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