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So I have my second comparison paper for World Lit due on Tuesday. I've been putting it off for the last couple of days, doing mostly reading, trying to wrap my mind around the assigned subject. I finally grounded myself tonight and have written 1/2 of the paper. I plan to finish the rest tomorrow after a short night's sleep and a long day of work, school, and photography lab.

Oh yeah. I have about 6-8 hours worth of lab work to complete tomorrow. I shot my roll of film for my last photography assignment this afternoon. She wanted us to shoot 4 rolls, but come on. I only need five shots. If I have to shoot four rolls to get five shots then I shouldn't call myself any kind of photographer. Besides--- she ain't paying for my film, and this stuff is expensive!

As far as the lab is concerned, I'd just better make sure that I'm wearing comfortable shoes! NO boots or heels!

But back to the paper-- guess the subject.

Go on, guess!




Okay, no one guessed it.

I'm comparing and contrasting the role of the individual and religion in two Indian works, the Bhagavad-Gita which is listed as the second most inspirational work after the Bible, and Pancatantra, which is the most widely translated piece of Indian literature.

It's interesting (oh how I hate that word) because I'm having to do all this research and writing on the Caste system and the Hindu religion, Karma, Reincarnation, and Yoga (and not the wii fit kind). I know more about the Hindu religion than I'll ever need to know. It has some good points here and there, but nothing more than "be nice to people"... too much weirdness otherwise. But it does have historical and cultural merit, which IS interesting (there's that word again!).

So. It's 1 am. I am going to SLEEP!

And I still have to finish Jerrod and Michelle's pictures. It's been a whole week. But I told her this week was busy due to school so that it might take an extra week. She was cool with that.

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