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Finally figured it out!

I've spent most of the morning getting used to Number 09, the Apple equivalent of Excel. I use the new Excel at work and like it well enough, but it seems to complicate the simplest of everyday tasks. For about an hour I was confused over the difference between a sheet and a page but it turned out that I I was over-complicating the matter. Guess that's what comes from using PC too long. Thank goodness I have Mac to de-clutter my life.

But I'm working on my term project for Geography. We were asked, okay, TOLD, to choose a region of the world for our subject. It wasn't a request because this thing is worth 40% of our final grade. Yep. YIKES! That's enough to make you want to come to class, eh? Especially since Dorn, the prof., doesn't put up any of his lectures on blackboard, so it's all off of the notes we take.

Anyway. The region I chose was The Lakes District from my favorite place in the world. Any guesses? That's right.. Italy! I fell in love with the lakes district while doing all my vast research/planning/daydreaming. It's the northern region of the country where Italy connects with the Alps of Switzerland. Yeah... really cool. Since Micah and I want to go there someday, figure I might as well combine business with pleasure, eh?

And don't worry, I'm not ignoring Micah on v-day. He's over at the Grant's helping Josh work on his car and changing the oil in ours. But tonight belongs to us... but more about that later!

Okay. Back to work.

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