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I'm singing bass...

I took some cold medicine last night, right before I went to bed, and it knocked me out cold! First time in about four weeks that I haven't woken up at least once during the middle of the night. But now I have work in an hour and will be there till 5. Let me tell you, NOT looking forward to that. But I have never called in before, and I don't aim to start now.

I do have some good news to report on Micah, since most of ya'll only visit his blog once in a blue moon. Well, look out the window, the blue moon is high in the sky and Micah is posting! Anyway, he got a call from.. well, here, why don't I just let him tell it?

" a call from Chief Durden this morning, seems that the Sector Deputy (XO) likes the idea of a reservist(me) staying in Bethel, since they have no one out here permanently and have to send people over every couple months, but with me here, that's one less person that they have to send over. yippee. Anyways, it'll be convenient for all involved, and save us all money. :) Now I just need the college to talk to me........"

At last! Some good news!

Well I'm going to try and drag myself over to the closet so I can get ready. If you don't hear from me in 12 hours, call 9-1-1. :)

have a better-than-my day!

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