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College Girl the Sequel

Alright, I am officially registered for classes. Here's my schedule:

8:55-10:00- Math1530- Elementary Statistics- Claxton

10:20-11:35- Eng1020- English Composition II- Palmer

11:45-1:00- Mus1030- Music Appreciation- Jobe [I have him this semester for Communications]

1:10-2:25- Soc2110- Introduction to Sociology- Grimes

2:35-3:50- Hist2010- US History I- Koller

And that will be on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Mom's worried about the day being too long for me, but it's okay. Right now, 1pm gets here just like that .*snaps* So what's another 3 hours? Class usually lets out a few minutes early so I'll eat something then, and it won't take 30 minutes to eat. I can down a sandwich in nothing flat. Though I will allow myself a few minutes so I can properly choose the food. After all, I don't want the nursing classes to practice the Heimlich maneuver on me.:)

But yeah.... so I'm excited. It's going to be difficult, but I can do it. My only major concern is how a job is going to fit in all this. But, we'll see. Thankfully financial aid will be paying for my tuition and books.

Anyone know of a rich uncle I might have somewhere?

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