July 19th, 2010

Cell Phone Diaster of 2010

Something bad happened Thursday night.

Something really bad.

I washed my jeans.

And my cell phone.

Told you it was really bad.

There I was, just doing the laundry, and I threw my jeans in cause I wanted to wearing them the next day for the camping trip. The only thing was that I forgot to check my pocket first. And... my cell phone in my pocket, the pocket that I forget to check before placing the jeans in the swirling mass of suds.

Ten minutes later, I reached for my cell phone to charge it, only to realize that that it wasn't there. In that moment, I suddenly panicked, raced for the washing machine, stuck my hand into the churning machine... and pulled out the wrong pair of sopping pants.

When I did finally pull out the right pants, my phone was buzzing and shaking like a demon-possessed banshee, even though it had been completely dead prior to its diving expedition.

In short, I did violently, yet innocently, killed my phone by subjecting it to a watery grave with Davy Jones as a bunkmate. Poor phone.

To make matters worse, I had to go without a phone for the entire weekend, only to remember Sunday morning that we had an extra phone the entire time. Figures, right?

But it all ended up okay! Micah got me a new phone for my birthday! Post to come...


My adorable little boy and my cool new toy

So due to the Cell Phone Disaster of 2010 I was in desperate need of a new phone. Why so desperate? Because Micah and Caleb would be leaving for the Montana Family Reunion on Tuesday and I'm leaving on Thursday, and I needed Micah with me in order to get a new phone because the account is in his name.

That didn't leave us with much time to do anything, so yesterday, on my birthday, we sat down to figure out what our options were, what we could afford, and if I even knew what I wanted.

We had accident insurance on my line, but not on Micah's line. That's important because the phone that I put through the wash was really his phone. I mean, it was my phone, but it was his phone, too. Um... let's see if I can explain this. He was using my phone and I was using his phone. Yeah.. Cause my phone died a few years ago and so we used his upgrade to get me a phone. That's the phone I put through the wash. It had lived a nice, long life of three years, but boy did I love that phone. All it did was call and text and that's all I really wanted or needed (or so I thought). Last year his phone that he had for the past 10 billion years was on its last of the last leg. Seriously, we named that thing Lazarus because Micah always seemed to manage to bring it back to life somehow. But that time was the last time, we went into AT&T and used my upgrade to get him a phone.

But now I was the one needing the phone this time. And we wanted to use his upgrade. But we didn't know how that was going to work since now I might want to upgrade?

Oh- one thing is that we looked at minutes usage of the last few months. We had the 700 minutes family plan, which for a normal family would be either just fine or not nearly enough.

Well, last month we both together used less than 300 minutes.


I used only 97 minutes.


Now before you start thinking that I don't talk- which I do- let me state that I did use almost 600 of mobile-to-mobile minutes. There ya go.

Yeah, with the exception of some of Micah's family, everyone we call regularly, and I do mean everyone, uses AT&T. We had almost 4,000 minutes saved up since last July. Funny. So needless to say, we could cut back on our monthly minutes plan.

Hmmm... since we were cutting back there, maybe I could actually join the 21st century and get a smartphone? The big thing that I was facing was that I wanted the ability to take decent pictures and upload them facebook, email, flickr, whatever. With my old phone, I couldn't even send them in a text message! That was my #1 thing. Other points where that I wanted to be able to video and html internet would be cool too.

Once we got to AT&T we met up with a super cool sales lady who was also super helpful. She walked me around each of the phones, explained it, let me hold it, trying to help me figure out what I wanted.

And that was the hard part. I didn't know WHAT I wanted! I am so indecisive, you would not believe it. The very first smartphone I looked at was the BlackBerry Curve 8520.

15+ phones later, and I still couldn't get over how much I liked that first phone.

Let me stop and say that while I am a 110% Mac Girl, and would LOVE LOVE LOVE to have one of the new iPhones, the budget simply will not allow for that right now, not the initial cost nor the increased monthly bill.

Since Micah had used his upgrade in a long time, we were eligible for extra discounts and were able to get the BBCurve for just $50, which is what the deductible would have been had gotten a replacement of my old phone. (Btw, that discount would not have applied to the iPhone).

And we were able to lower our plan, take off some little charges, and use the 15% discount from my company to reduce our monthly bill even more, so all that together makes up for the cost of a monthly data plan so I now am the proud owner of a internet browsing, picture uploading, video shooting smartphone.


Hello 21st Century!

It's good to be here.



The verdict? I love it.


One of my biggest issues with the BlackBerry's before was the stupid ball that you used to move around. I didn't like those in a mouse and I didn't like them on a phone. But the Curve 8520 has an actual mini-trackpad and it's sooooo much better. The touch-screen kind of freaks me out, so I like being able to do everything with just my thumb.

Baby steps, my friend, baby steps. 

And it has a full Qwerty (whoa- that was weird to type) which I didn't think I was going to like, but Micah declared that I would love once I got used to it.

Well, he was right. I love it.

But don't tell him that I said that, okay? It'll be a secret between you, me, and the rest of the 4,000,000,000 people on the internet. Hehe.

 And so here is one of the first pictures I took with my new toy: My adorable little boy!

My life is now complete.