July 10th, 2010

Why I love Saturday mornings!

Right now I'm sitting on the bed, editing pictures of a seniors photo session to go up on the newly-created [m.] Photography blog (grand opening to come this week! [hopefully]), watching my handsome hubby sleeping, listening to Caleb talk up a storm, and enjoying the intermittent sunshine through the open window.

And this sunshine had better stick around because we have a 1st birthday photo shoot this afternoon...

...WHOA! Caleb just rolled over! He was lying on his right side watching Micah when the next thing I know he's over on his left side, giving me this big grin and trying to type on the keyboard. My little mover and groover! :)

.... but yeah. The rain had better stay away and the sunshine had better just stay! We've had beautiful weather during the day all week but last night it started raining.. not very promising... It's even worse because we've already had to postpone this session once due to it raining cats and dogs. We don't have another Saturday opening until August, so I'd really rather not do that to them, especially since the original session was back in June. :/

Last night we did not get home until well after 3 am as we were over playing Halo ODST Firefight with some friends. We try to do that every other weekend or so and it's always a blast! And I got the highest score of the night (and we made Par!), so I left happy. Why yes, I am really a thirteen year-old boy. hehe. [pure sarcasm, btw]

Funny... as I am typing, Caleb keeps on grabbing my finger and pulling it directions that a finger just cannot bend. Um.. child?

You know what I'm in the mood for today? A big pot of chili! But unfortunately, no onions. And you just can't have chili without onions!

Well, I'd better get back to editing, especially since Caleb just stepped on the keyboard and made me delete half of this post. Thank the good Lord for the "undo" button!