June 14th, 2010

If you turn your head sideways and squint, then this might resemble a blog post!

I am tired.

I need coffee.

But I can't have coffee.


Because I have a baby.

I am sleepy.


Because I have a baby.

Funny how things work like that.

Last night ended a week and a half of constant go-go-go. On Friday, the 4th, Mom Peter and the kids got into town. That evening launched our Alaska state convention, held at the Anchorage church. That evening, Isaiah (Micah's brother) and his girlfriend, Sarah, flew in to join the fun. We went to Village Inn that night (I think?) and were up too late. Especially since I had to be at a meeting for all the state leaders that next morning. After a couple of hours, we finally got the state calender planned out for the next year, with a few tentative dates and several set in stone.

The date I'm REALLY excited about is the first weekend in March 2011, the 4th-6th. Why are those dates so important? Because that is when we're having the Alaska Couples Retreat! It's so exciting. I approached Brother Grant with the vision for couples retreat back in 2009, but have been unable to follow through until this year. (If you do the math, I was 8 months pregnant for the last couple's retreat. Yeah.. I wasn't planning anything!) But this year... this year, I have ideas! I have plans! God's laid something on my heart, to rekindle the romance, the love, and the passion for one's spouse, and ultimately, for God. I only hope that it can all come together in time. This will be my first time planning something so large-scale, at least, planning as the as the coordinator, and not the assistant. So... nervous!

On Sunday morning, things were a mess at our house as we scrambled around packing last minutes items for camp. The tradition is to leave directly from state convention for family camp. Which means everything has to be packed and loaded before service. That makes for an early morning and a late night. Whew. It was even earlier because Levi and Jessa provided pancakes and sausage for Sunday School Brunch that morning-- great job, you guys! It was delish!

The day was bittersweet because I also said goodbye to Micah as he was unable to attend camp this year. Instead, the Coast Guard sent him to Bethel, AK to conduct inspections. I must admit, I teared up when we pulled out of the parking lot. I know that a week, or even two months, is nothing compared to the two-year tours that active duty pull over in Iraq, but for us... it's hard.

I'll do another post for camp when I have pictures, but for now, I'll skip ahead to the past few days. Thursday night, we had a family day with lasagna and salad, ending with bocee ball in the park- Emily and I won the first time, then tied with Matt and Mom for the second, only to lose in the tie-breaker. They got the 2-pointer, we only got the 1-pointer. Oh well. Had to let someone else win sometime, right?

Friday night started the Heritage Day Revival here at the Anchorage Church, with Jared as the evangelist. We've known Jared for years and go back a long ways. I must, he hasn't changed very much, but boy- can he preach!

Saturday was the best day of the week, though--- MICAH CAME HOME!!! Of course, that had to be a fiasco, in and of itself. Emily and I headed to the airport with Caleb in tow. Micah's plane was supposed to land at 3:12, according the Alaska Airline's website. We leave the house at 20 til, with time to spare. What I neglected to anticipation was my lack of a sense of direction, poor navigation skills, and utter confusion of a parking garage. On the other hand, Emily had never been to the Anchorage airport before and was relying completely on me. Yes, that was indeed a mistake.

First, I told her to get in the left lane, only for her point on that it was the departure line when Micah was an, let me hear it, that's right, an arrival. No sooner did we get in the arrival lane than we made the bend, only for to realize that the arrival lane led to the baggage claim, not to the parking garage... ARGH! So we made the loop around the airport, got in the lane to the parking (where I almost sent her to the rental car return), and entered the garage. It was then that we spent the next ten minutes driving around and around in circles, trying to find a parking spot. I kept sending her to level 2 but we couldn't figure out how to GET to level two. Good grief. It's not like I've never been to that airport before. I just was so excited that what few brain cells I do have completely flew out the window somewhere back around C Street.

By this time, the only parking spot that we had found (by following my instructions) was in the way, way back of the parking lot. Emily was frustrated at me (can you blame her?) and I was pacing like a caged lion cause it was 3:12 and Micah's plane had landed. Em told me to grab Caleb and go meet Micah, that she would pick us up when we got his luggage.

So I did just that.

Leaving the carseat behind, I carried a sleeping Caleb in my arms, with a diaper and wipes stuck in my purse "just in case" so I wouldn't have to bring in the diaper bag. By the time I hit the escalators, it was 3:20. I rose to the top, and there was Micah.


THE STINKER! Apparently, they had a quick turn-around in Bethel and got in at 2:55, a far cry from 3:15. Sniff... so I didn't get to meet him when he came through security. Oh well. At least Caleb was wearing his "Daddy is my Superhero" onesies, so something went according to plan!

It's nice to have Micah home.

We left the airport and went straight to the church where the youth assembled to play games until time for service. Mad Gab with boys vs. girls (we each one a game) and Apples to Apples (one of the best group games ever!) had us all rolling on the floor. Seven o'clock arrived all too quickly, but the service was so good that we didn't mind, hehe!

Sunday morning was a very special day as we had Caleb's dedication, here at our local church. Again, that'll be for another blog post when I have pictures and a box of tissues. Levi was kind enough to record the dedication for us, we can share a bit on here and send a copy to the grandparents.

One reason for us choosing to have his dedication yesterday was because it was also Mom Peter's birthday! What better gift than to dedicate her grandson to the Lord?

After the service and dedication, we headed down to South Anchorage where we went to.. the Zoo! We let down the tailgate of Matt's truck and ate sandwiches, salad, potato salad, tortilla chips, and watermelon, all in the Zoo's parking lot (we later found that they actually have a picnic area- who knew? we obviously didn't!). The zoo was a BLAST! And yes, there are pictures. Need you ask?

The revival ended with a spiritual-filled service, and then it was off to the the Nowling's house for strawberry shortcake (in honor of Mom's birthday- it's my favorite cake, too!), ice cream, and pizza. Once everyone had finished eating, they headed outside to start a bonfire. I stayed inside a little while to work on editing pictures from one of our photo sessions, and then headed outside to join in the fun (after all, what good is a laptop if you can't take it with you!). I walked over to find my husband... my crazy, crazy husband... singing Veggie Tales silly songs, complete with accents and everything, and dancing a jig, too!

Yes, there is a video.

We finally crawled in home around midnight, falling asleep some two hours later. I think Caleb was still energized from all the fire and people as he had a little difficulty falling asleep.

Which is why I am now falling asleep at my desk. Thank goodness it's almost lunchtime.

Too bad I left my lunch at home. :/


Caleb at 2 1/2 months!

At the beginning of the month, Micah and I had some extra time as we were waiting to leave for service and the afternoon sun was pouring through the windows in the living room, so Micah and I decided to take advantage of the situation and stage an impromptu photo shoot.

I love the results! What a handsome, chubby, adorable boy!

The cheeks! Oh, the cheeks! And the pouty mouth- the lips! I'll have a dozen children, just let them all have those cheeks and lips!

Caleb was soooo asleep that we were literally holding him upside down and he wasn't waking up. I wish he would sleep like that at 5 am!

Emily and I both love this picture. Soft and strong. Smooth and rough. Mmm. I love my guys!

Then! A miracle happened! Mommy got camera time with Caleb! Up until the past two weeks, I've had NO pictures with Caleb. Seriously, I could count them on one hand. But now, he's all mine!

His little head is so soft. I love giving him kisses!

It's so peaceful to hold a sleeping baby... I wonder if he'll have blonde hair like Mommy?

The trust of a child is one of the most beautiful things in life. I promise I won't let you down, Caleb.

I love this one! He's so big, yet so tiny-- and Micah is strong, dependable- protective.

But of course, he's got to keep an eye on Mom.

I'm watching you, little missy.