June 11th, 2010

A size by any other name would still not fit!

Now that Caleb is nearly 3 months old (as of next Thursday!), he's at one of his cutest stages physically. His cheeks have plumped out, he's getting the adorable chubby legs, and is growing so long and BIG!

So big, in fact, that he's already wearing 6 month clothing.

Yes, my THREE MONTH OLD is wearing 6 MONTH BABY CLOTHES! Ahhhhhhhh! He's not supposed to be this big! He's growing up too fast. I want my little 7lb baby back!

Seriously. When did he get so big? I was looking at pictures from just two months ago and Caleb could curl up into a ball in Micah's hands.

Not anymore.

Then our tiny, handsome man could still wear a preemie suit at three weeks!

That couldn't fit his right arm now.

When did my little boy grow up?

Logically, I know that if he's three months old, then two month's is 2/3 of his life, and if you consider how much we grow in 2/3's of our life, then it really isn't as shocking. After all, if I'm.. uh... let's see, I was born in '87, then.. umm.. if I'm 22 (!) years old, then 2/3 of my life would be.. oh why did I just walk into that trap. I hate math. I'm no good at it. It confused me. Ahhh! My head! My head! Make it stop! However many years that would be, I've grown a lot since then. The point is, our bodies change, regardless of our age. The main problem is that when we're older, we change slowly over a number of months and years. As babies, everything is compacted into days, then weeks, then months. It's all part of life, it just happens to make Mommy sad in the process.

In the last few months, Caleb has been through so many clothes it is crazy. Due to him growing so much, I have go through his clothing every other week, or else risk having shelves full of too-small clothes.

When we first brought him home from the hospital, he was wearing a few preemie items and the rest were all newborns.

For those first few days, the Gerber newborn onesies fit him perfectly.

Then it was on to the Gerber 0-3 month onesies. In fact, he wore one home from the hospital!

This is still one of our favorite outfits on him, he looks so good in green! Our handsome St. Paddy's Day baby!

But then he began to grow.

This was the last day he wore the Gerber 0-3 onesie, at almost 4 weeks old. I think I cried.

Soon, it was Gerber 3-6 month onesies. They fit him nicely because he was so skinny.

But then... he got long.

Long and skinny. Just like my brother, Brandon.

All of a sudden, Caleb couldn't wear Gerber ANYTHING! Everything that fit him length-wise was way too big around and anything that fit him around was too, too short. Just as suddenly, the Carter brand clothing that had been sorely neglected for the first two months of his life, were now a perfect fit!

Thankfully, most of the clothing that we were given at the four baby showers were Carter brand. Now, there are some independent brands that Caleb can wear just fine, but by far, the best fit is Carter's.

Of course, there is no telling what the future holds, but for now...

Like I said, Carter's fits fine, but Caleb is STILL wearing several months ahead in size. He is just too long! Watch, he's going to be a giant, like his uncles. Goodness knows, Mommy and Daddy are NOT tall (5'5" and 5'6") so this will be interesting once he hits puberty and starts shooting up.

At least now Caleb is able to wear a lot of the clothing that he couldn't wear before. But it's bad at the same time because no sooner does he grow into something then he grows out of it. However, I think the worse part if the fact that Micah and I do have our "favorite" outfits for him to wear. We have to be careful about putting him in them too often because it does not give him a chance to wear any of the other adorable outfits that we have for him, which means he grows out of them after wearing them only once or twice.

It's especially aggravating since Micah has a really bad habit of letting Caleb wear the same outfit all day... and the next day. I'll put Caleb in a sleeper for bed and he'll still be wearing it when I come home from work the next day. Argh. Men! Meanwhile, I try my absolute best to change Caleb at least once a day, sometimes even twice, that way he has a chance to wear everything at least once.

Who says girls were more fun to dress? I think little boys are fantastic! My favorite things for Caleb to wear is his camo outfits and firefighter clothes. Adorable! My mom has fully embraced the camo fashion trend because about every other week she sends a box up to her grandson, full of clothes she picked up here and there (all very thrifty finds!), the majority of which, is camo. In fact, Mom has admitted that any time she finds anything camo, then she'll buy it, as long as it's under size 18 months or so.

Micah was saying, at this rate, the only thing we'll have to buy for Caleb is diapers! If nothing else, we're set for boys for the rest of our lives. And don't worry, any future daughters of ours are set too, as Grandmom can't resists frilly outfits and bows. We have an entire box dedicated to girl clothing, just sitting there... waiting.

Well, it'll have to wait a bit longer!

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