May 21st, 2010

Lord, make my words as sweet as honey, for tomorrow I might have to eat them!

Reading over my old blogspot blog, back in 2005, and ran across the following comments. They made laugh at the shear irony of it all:


AKCameraGuy said...

Well Meg, we may be, like I've said before, as close as three friends can get, but I still ain't moving away from Alaska! lol.


The Meg said...

well i'm not living in alaska.. i'll visit often.. (just not in the winter, not yet)... but it'd have to be something mighty important to get me to move there.. and sorry, ya'll just aren't important enough!

HA! Five years (dude!!! It's been five years since then??? whoa.. time flies) later and we're married and living in Alaska! Whew. Wait, what was that? Did I just hear God laughing at us? Such a sense of humor....