May 19th, 2010

Pictures from the past

I was looking for a picture of the North Dakota Badlands from our road trip back in 2008 to show Becki. While looking through my Picasa albums, I ran across old pictures that I had completely forgotten about!

So, here's to a walk down memory lane:

Bek having me changing my first diaper (that I remember) of my adult life. Now... 596 diapers later...

We were so young

Moriah was so little!

Josiah always had that mischievous look

Look how "itty bitty" Milo was!

Our favorite place during the US portion of our road trip

Experiencing my first Alaska winter!

My first real snowman (that was bigger than 2 feet)

Ladies Retreat 2008

My first time snowboarding in real snow

So many wonderful memories. It's hard to believe that was two full years ago. It seems like the other day even as it seems like a million years ago.

Such is life. You're eager for the future, but you miss the past. I guess all you can do is cherish the present.


They just had to do it

So each year Micah looks forward to going to Bethel for the Coast Guard, to do inspections in all the villages. For a while it looked as though they were not going this year, and if they were, that Micah wouldn't be going.

Well, we got the final say-so on Monday. He is going after all. Which, normally, he would be looking forward to it. The only thing is that he'll be going RIGHT DURING CAMP! AHHH! Figures... the military has a knack for choosing inconvenient dates.

He'll leave out either the 5th or 6th of June (can't remember which one), which is in the middle of convention, and then he'll be gone all during camp and revival, and THEN he'll come back. And the thing is, no one will be in Bethel! They'll all be here for camp and convention. Mom Peter and that whole crew will be coming in the 5th and staying for 10 days, I think they'll be all of one or two days that they'll both be in Bethel.

And I'll be home with Caleb. Personally, I think I get the better end of the deal. Yeah, he'll probably going boating and fishing. But I get Caleb and CAMP!

But I really wish that he could be there. Stinks that he'll be missing camp. He loves it so much. Oh well- there is a purpose for everything, right?

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