May 13th, 2010


Oh how I wish that there was more time in the day! Either that, or I wish that I could spend all day just taking pictures! All the time I'm discovering new techniques, new actions for Photoshop, new lighting/lens/backdrops, new locations... all things that individually make my heart flutter, but collectively gives me ants in my pants!

It's to the point where I don't want to go to bed at night because I want to stay up and work on pictures. But both my body and my baby won't let me. Phooey.

Over the last few months I've been gaining inspiration from fellow photographers. My favorites are those that work with newborn, children, and families. They inspire me to do better, be more creative, have each image be a lasting work of art.

How can I not be inspired when I see images such as these:

Now these are a result of such inspiration:

I wish I could share more of some of the latest sessions with you, but unfortunately I am at my work computer and don't have them online where I can get to them easily. And the very latest aren't online at all as of yet.

I am working on a few online projects, though. Such as building a photography blog for our [m.] Photography website. I (think) that we've decided to go with wordpress, but I don't want to pay money for custom CSS ability before knowing for sure that I like how the program works. But I don't like any of the templates they offer. Any other suggestions for photo blog sites out there? I love LJ as a BLOG blog, but not as a stand-alone photo blog. My favorite photographers seem to use wordpress the most, so that's why I went with that. Emilee, I know you use wordpress, right? How does it work for you?

I'm also trying to get our [m.] Photography Facebook page up and working. But I'm a bit locked in right now cause I need to be at my computer to upload pictures and I don't want to upload pictures until I put a watermark on them. But that is too time-consuming in and of itself, especially to do it to each individual picture. So I want to make an action in photoshop that will do it for me, but again, that requires time.

Time, ah time, there's just too little time.

With Emily having just arrived, and Crystal only being here for a few days, and Ladies Retreat this weekend, and one session that needs to be published and burned, and two others that need to be edited... and all that on top of house chores, work, taking care of Micah and Caleb, church work, and trying to talk to Momma at least once a week.. whew!

God, could you add a few more hours on the end of the day? At least another 4 hours? 2 for work and 2 for sleep? Or I'll skip the extra sleep entirely for 2 more hours of work time. Or how adding an extra day onto the weekend. That would be nice. Besides 8 day weeks would be a lot more even than 7 day weeks. Odd numbers are always.. odd. (pun intended!)

Well, back to work.