April 7th, 2010

Our Sunny Snowglobe

Warning--- I have Caleb sleeping on my chest in his Snuggie, so I can't actually SEE the keyboard. That will explain any typos or errors you might find.

Yeah, when Caleb wants to be held, which seems to be 90% of the time, but we can't actually hold him at the time, then Micah and I put him in the Snuggie carrier that we got at Burlington for $20. Nice! It's a 6-in-one combo that can go in front (how we have him now), in the back as a backpack, in a shopping cart or highchair, can attach to the back of a chair as a highchair, and one other way that I can't seem to remember right now. But seriously- this thing is pure magic. As soon as we put him in and start walking around, he falls right asleep and stays that way for hours. Yet, it's a little weird for me cause carrying him in front makes me feel like I am pregnant again.


You know what's even weirder? The fact that we've had weather in the high 40s and low 50s with tons of blue skies and sunshine, and yet it snowed ALL DAY yesterday. Over the course of the day we had 4 inches of freshly fallen snow.

And today? All that fresh new snow?



Melted away.

We're back to sunshine and blue skies again.

Like I said, weird!

Mother Nature is definitely a woman. Only a woman could change her mind like that and back again.


This afternoon I made up a batch of something called "Blueberry Rolls" out of the 1949 Better Homes and Garden cookbook that I got for our wedding for Bro Nowling as a thank-you for helping Mom with her ticket up here. I made an individual one for Micah to try so I could make sure that I wasn't about to poison anyone. :P

Micah liked it so much that as soon as we got home we decided to make up a batch of peach rolls. We're about to try it so we'll see how it taste!

Well, Caleb is stirring so I'm going to try and settle him back down so I can eat in peace. Later!