April 1st, 2010

Home Sweet Home

Back at the beginning of March our landlord informed us that as of April 1st, our rent would be raised an additional $100.

Umm... this place is nice, but it's not THAT nice.

Micah and I began to think and pray about what to do as the increased rent was not within our budget, especially with a baby on the way. Then, once Caleb was born and we discovered just how many diapers a newborn really does go through, our prayers began to increase even as our bank account began to decrease.

In the grand scheme of things, Micah and I would much rather buy a place so our monthly $$ actually goes towards something instead of merely being shoved into someone else's pocket. But since we don't want to live in Anchorage any longer than we absolutely have to (we're country/small town people all the way), it's not worth it to buy a place, just to turn around and have to sell or rent it out a year from now. We'd much rather rent a cheaper place now and put the extra money in savings in order to pay a nice down payment later.

So with that plan in mind, as soon as Caleb popped out we began to look and make plans to move by the end of April. We would have liked to give notice and move at the end of March in order to avoid paying the extra $100, but with the possibility of either being 9+ months pregnant and ready-to-pop or with a newborn (the latter of which proved to be the case), there was no way that we would be prepared to move.

We had looked online and found a couple of places through one company, but once we called, they were already booked through June. Um... that won't work.

Monday afternoon I saw a place advertised on Craigslist and contacted the person. She emailed me back that night, answered my questions and said that the place was being showed the next day at 5:30. So on Tuesday, Micah and I showed up at 5:28 after having walked over there. Yeah, the new place is actually just on the other side of Boniface from where we live now, so it was within 15 min walking distance. Like 4 minutes driving (most of which would be spent waiting at the light).

We got there at the same as Valarie, the housing manager, as well as two girls who were also looking at the place. By the end of the "tour" Micah and I decided that we liked the place well enough to put in an application. While the two girls were talking to the current tenants, we went over to talk to Valarie. She asked us what we thought, we told her, and then I handed her the application that I had already printed off and completed beforehand. I then asked her how it would be determined of who got the place. She waved the application and said, "You handed it to me first. You were first."

Oh. So that's how it works.

She called us yesterday to look at a second location, to make sure we got the place we wanted. There were certain qualities about the second place that we did like better, but overall the first option had the most going for it. Valarie told us to think about it and her a call in the morning to let her know which one we chose.

This morning we talked about it and decided to go with the first place we looked at. So this afternoon we went in and volia! New home!

Our new place is, like I said, just on the other side of the road. It's a two-story townhome in a four-plex. It has hardwood floors downstairs, as well as a half bath, stone fireplace and bay window in the living room. Upstairs are the two bedrooms, and full bath. The master bedroom also has a bay window and two closets, one of which is a walk-in closet. And guess what---- we can paint!!!!! I LOVE that!

We should be able to get in sometime after the 20th, so we can move a little bit at a time, hopefully painting beforehand so that Caleb doesn't have to be around the fumes.

All in all- we're excited! Home sweet home!