March 15th, 2010

Tomorrow, and Option 1 is bye-bye!

If you look up to my poll, you'll see that option #1 is "Baby is going to be... Surprise!" with the dates being March 8th-16th.

Well, tomorrow is the 16th. if I don't have the baby by 11:59 pm, then that's 1 down, 4 to go.

Hmm.. I wonder when this baby WILL come. According to my counter on the left (it's the only way that I could possibly keep track of all this), I only have four more days until my due date! Woohoo! But since only 10% of babies actually arrive on their due date, the likelihood of that being the day I actually go into labor is next to nothing. 0.000002%


Of course, Mom has declared that as soon as she steps off the plane Wednesday night (just 2 more days!!!!), that she's going to have me walking and and squatting and doing everything humanly possible to have this baby THIS weekend, so she can spend as much time with her new grandbaby as possible before she leaves to go back home.

I told her that I'll do the best I can to see that the Baby follows the plan... ;) Never mind that babies say "Plan, what plan? What's a plan?"

Micah doesn't think that Baby will come until AT LEAST the 24th or 25th... Me? I dunno... Baby comes when Baby comes, I guess. I'd rather it be sooner rather than later, of course, but I'm treasuring each and every day because the reality that this-is-it has finally knocked me upside the head...

So yeah... the house is clean.. for the most part... just a few odds and ends that I need Micah to take care of before Mom gets here. Actually, it's just before the baby gets here. Mom's mom. She can help. :P

I'm waiting to pick out the baby outfits until she gets here, figure it's the "something special" that we can do together, since she hasn't gotten to be around for most of my pregnancy.

Never has a girl missed her mom so much as now. There's a saying I put in my scrapblog that says, "Mothers and daughters are closest when daughters become mothers." How true is that?

Very true.

Love you, Momma! Can't wait to see you on WEDNESDAY!!!!


New and Shiny

Our website, that is. Micah and I decided to do a major overhaul of our photography website and really make it more streamlined and professional-looking. There are still a few kinks to work out with the font playing nice with windows computers (even though it's a windows-based font) but we FINALLY got the slideshow working, which has been an issue since day 1.

So, swing on by and check it out!