March 11th, 2010

Prego Brain is more than being forgetful....

... it's a complete of lack of any brain cells whatsoever.

Ever since about the start of my second trimester, I have become increasingly forgetful and, well, ditzy. Now, I've always been blonde, yes, and I do mean that in both the literal sense of the word and the oh-wow-is-that-a-tree sense of the word. But even in spite of my blondeness, I still managed to be intelligent and interact somewhat normally with the rest of the non-blonde world.

Once I got pregnant, however, all that went of the window.

Now, the few jokes that I DID get once-upon-a-time fly completely over my head.



It's a bird!

It's a plane!

No, it's just another thing Megan didn't "get"...

Sad realization.

Unfortunately for me though, my lack of brain cells have not only affected the humor and processing areas of my brain, but also the "rememberer" which has since become the "forgeter" since that it all it's good for: forgetting things.

Either that, or mixing things up. Blue becomes yellow. Chicken becomes beef. Stop becomes go. Sunday becomes Thursday. And I do believe that I showered with dish soap last week.

And I'm only mildly exaggerating on that last one.

One thing I am not exaggerating on has been my inability to grab my own clothes in the morning.

And Micah's underwear causes major wedgies.


That should teach me not to get dressed in the dark.

It has also taught me to lay out my clothes the night before. And to have Micah double-check to make sure that my Prego Brain hasn't spread to my eyesight, causing me to think that I grabbed my pink ruffled sweater when I really picked out his Ducks Unlimited hoodie.

So not proper work attire.

Especially since it clashes with the camo beanie... I mean, the white cashmere knit hat...

... right...