March 1st, 2010

March Madness


It's been one of those weekends.

As our due date passes the 3-week mark and the countdown begins (18 days!) I begin to feel my panic button being hit. Like I posted on Friday, this weekend was supposed to be a chance to refresh and renew, which is was.. kind of. Micah went off to have an all-night Halo night with the guys on Friday (since he'll be "otherwise occupied" for the next month or so) while I literally crashed.

Before they had even left the house, I crawled into bed and fell into a deep and blissful sleep which lasted until about 4 am. Then, I got up, took a long, hot shower, put in some Gilmore girls, and cleaned while watching my beloved GiGi. The guys moseyed on home somewhere around 6:30 or 7 am where they promptly crashed until 9:30 at which time they got up and headed to the Fur Rondy Parade.

Meanwhile, I slept on in my nice, warm bed.

About the time that they came back for breakfast, I began to wake up, stretching like the lazy cat that I had become. But I did not feel the least bit guilty about my gluttonous amount of sleep considering that in about three weeks it'll be "Sleep? What's that?"

Yeah. I'll take it while I can, thank you very much.

After Micah dropped off Nate and Jacob, we spent the rest of the afternoon cleaning our room, a fact I was very grateful for considering I'm having a little trouble bending over right now.

Ahh.. I accidentally backed out of the post window. Ugh. SO glad that LJ auto-saves every two minutes. :D

After cleaning up here and there and doing about a billion loads of laundry, we cuddled while watching Heroes and eating peanut butter ice cream. mmmmm. AND we went to bed at a decent time. All in all, a good ending to a productive, yet lazy, day.

I love days like that.

Sunday was.. interesting... ie. BUSY! As soon as we got out of church we ran to Lowes to pick up a new door closer (yes, that's the actual name) for our screen door since the wind bent ours. Then we jetted downtown to the Coast Guard office because Micah had to go in to complete some training that was due by the end of the month. Yeah.. it was due the end of the month and they just told him about it on Thursday. Doesn't leave much time considering Sunday was the last day of the month. So I sat there like a good wife, just reading my book while Micah watched the world's most boring video and then went back to talk to his superior and answer all of three questions.


Then we had to run around here and there and then returned home for all of one hour before we turned around and went back to church. Whew.

Ahh! Baby has hiccups and I'm sitting down so he's hitting my ribs and my thigh bone all at the same time. Tickles!!!!

Well, I'd better head out. See ya later!

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