February 17th, 2010

The sweet week in review

Okay, so technically this isn't the week in review, only the weekend, but "sweet weekend" just didn't flow as nicely nor rhyme nearly as well as "sweet week," don't you agree?

If I remember correctly (and I'm too lazy to go back and check), the last time I posted was Friday about my reaching 35 weeks (woohoo!). Good, that means I can pick up with Friday and call it good.

Which I just did.



So, anywho. Friday night I was already so drained from the day that I took a short nap before getting ready, mentally thanking myself that I had the foresight to make later reservations. Okay, so I realize in the typical dating world, 8 o'clock isn't late at all. Actually, according to GiGi, all dates start at 9 o'clock. Well, 9:15 is when the guy is supposed to show up. No one shows up for a 9 o'clock date at 9 o'clock. Or so they say.

I wouldn't know. Micah and I only went on two dates before we were married. When he asked me to be his girlfriend, and when he asked me to marry him. And both of those were at 7 o'clock, I think. Yeah... we're just good like that.

On Friday night, though, I wouldn't be getting home until 5:20 or so, and we still had to get ready. Which, by the way, only takes us about ten minutes. Believe it or not, I actually get dressed faster than Micah. I've never been one of those hour-and-a-half-later type of girls. Quick in, quick out is more my style. The way I figure it, the less time you spend getting ready, the more time you have to enjoy the evening.

Well, it makes sense to me.

We left the house with plenty of time to spare and even managed to arrive a 1/2 hour early.

Yes, I know, a bit overkill, but just wait for the rest of the story....

In the end, it was a very good thing that we got there as early as we did because on Friday night of Valentine's Day weekend there was not a single parking space to be found within a 5-block radius of the restaurant.

Who knew?

We certainly didn't.

After driving around for a good 10 minutes, we found a parking space about 6 or 7 blocks away. On a normal day, the walk would be a piece of cake. But at night, in the cold, with exposed legs, it was... brrrrr... to say the least.

Thankfully, the "cold" was only 30-something degrees, not the teens like during our anniversary. Now THAT was cold.

Micah estimated that it would take about five minutes to walk to the restaurant at a brisk walk. What he didn't estimate is that pregnant women can't walk briskly. We can't even waddle briskly. Normally, I'm the one outwalking him, but that night I had to tell him at least three times between our car and the restaurant, "Slow down, honey! I can't walk that fast!"

By the third time I think he was just enjoying walking faster than me for once. In other words... he was doing it on purpose.


He's been doing that a lot lately.

Double stinker.

Stinker stinker.


Even with planning the probably ten minutes that it would take the two of us to walk to the restaurant, we still had an extra ten minutes to burn so Micah decided to do something romantic and take me for a stroll through the Downtown Square Park. Right next to the Center for Performing Arts (where we saw "Annie") there is a park that curves around what is in the summer a large open amphitheater, surrounded by flowers of every shape, color, and variety. But in the winter this area is transformed as lights are strung from the trees, creating a magical winter wonderland. Ice sculptures are carved all around the park, and they glisten as the lights shine through them. Then there is the rink. The open amphitheater is flooded with water at the beginning of the season and allowed to freeze so it becomes an ice skating rink.

The result is a romantic walk around the park, looking at sculptures, trying to guess what they are, watching the glow of the lights, taking silly pictures, and finally ending up standing in front of the rink as children skated in circles. The Arts Center behind us played this soft jazz music, and I promise you, it was like a scene out of a movie. You know the one, the music plays as the guy and girl skate hand-in-hand across the ice. They laugh, share a kiss, and he spins her before kissing her again.

Yeah. Just like that. Except without the spinning. I would just get dizzy. But we did kiss. I mean, come on, with a moment like that, how can you not share a kiss?

Floating on our proverbial cloud-9, we floated all the way to the restaurant, which was even busier than either one of us expected. Thank goodness for reservations, as the wait was a minimum of 30 minutes! We gave them our name and waited as they cleared our table. While we waited, we glanced at all the shop windows as the entrance to the Brewhouse (that's the name of the restaurant, btw, the Glacier Brewhouse) is enclosed, along with several specialty shops, joining it with the back-door entrance to Orso, its sister restaurant. (if you remember back that far, Orso is where we went for our anniversary)

Seven minutes later we were being led back to a small booth along the wall facing the downtown street. We settled in, placed our drink orders (house-made root beer for Micah and just water with lemon for me), and began our romantic Valentine's Day dinner.

From our booth we had the perfect line of sight to see the TV in the bar area, which happened to be playing the start of the 2010 Winter Olympics! That sparked a round of "where were you during such-and-such Olympic" as well as "Name that Olympic Sport," both with funny and memorable results.

We also were able to do another favorite pastime: people-watching! We like watching people interact and try and guess who they are, where they're from, what's their store. You know, that sort of slightly creepy, stalker behavior that we all do but never admit.

Until now.

Feels good to get that off my chest.

We did happen to see one other couple that actually prayed before their meal! That's always refreshing to see in public. Never mind that she ordered a fruity cocktail-looking concoction. Though, it could have been a virgin, for all we know. That's the only bad part about order virgin drinks. Even though they are "clean," you don't know that unless you overheard the order. Makes it tough, but can't let your good be evil-spoken of, and all that.

Wow. Was that a tangent or what?

Or what indeed.

Onto the food, which is my favorite part of the evening. But you knew that already, didn't you?

Micah ordered the flat iron steak while I ordered the baby back ribs. Our meal also came with their fresh-baked bread. mmmmm. That bread is good. Really good. The only thing is that it doesn't come with butter! Can you believe that? Instead they have olive oil for dipping, which is all well and good, but I'm southern, I NEED butter on my bread. Sniff. Butter........

We weren't complaining once our food came, though! Micah's steak was smaller than expected, but cooked a-b-s-o-l-u-t-e-l-y perfectly! Seriously. That was one good steak. And both of us had a mixture of long-stem broccoli and carrots, and red smashed potatoes. I ate about half my veggies before I just couldn't do the broccoli anymore, so I gave it to Micah and dug into my delicious starches. I love me some good mashed potatoes. And those were YUMMY!

The ribs were... different. Apparently they weren't just BBQ ribs, they were Jamaican BBQ ribs. They were covered in this thick, tomato-based, spicy sauce that was really good, but... let's just say, I drank my fair share of water while eating those ribs. Micah tried one rib before declaring that they exceeded his heat tolerance. Thankfully I can withstand a little more heat than he can, so I just scrapped off the excess sauce and then the ribs were perfect! Just enough spice to make my mouth tingle, but yet still allowing me to actually TASTE the food. Neither Micah nor I understand the point of eating something so hot that you can't taste the actual flavor. We like food (and money) too much to eat something just for the sake of eating it. We want to experience our food. Enjoy it. Savor it.

Which we did all during the meal. In the end, I was stuffed and couldn't finish the last three ribs, so I took those home for lunch the next day. Micah cleaned his plate and said that he was perfectly satisfied. Then, of course, the waiter came beside and began to tempt us with one decadent dessert after enough. We gave it about two minutes consideration before deciding that eating dessert at that point would be nothing short of gluttony. So, we passed up the desserts, a decision that we were both extremely grateful for once we left the restaurant and actually had to move.

Once we got home, Micah tried to talk me into staying up and watching a movie, but seeing how it was already nearly 11pm, I knew that there was no way I would stay awake for the first 20 minutes, much less for 2 hours. So we decided to go to sleep then instead of staying up, that way we could enjoy more of a our Saturday.

Speaking of which, the Saturday post will have to wait because this post turned into a lot more than I originally expected, and my fingers are starting to hurt! Instead of a week in review, or even a weekend in review, I'm afraid you only got a night in review.


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