February 11th, 2010

I feel like I should have a funny story to tell you...

... but I don't.

In fact, life has been rather boring lately. Well, actually, it's been rather hectic. Crazy, in fact. We've had something going on literally every single day, with little time left over to just kick back and relax.

We'd better get used to it, eh?

Tonight I have a church meeting at the Nowlings while Micah (hopefully) studies for his test on Monday and does his homework for tomorrow since we'll be "otherwise occupied"... i.e. date night! But I already talked about that. So every my new news is old news.

Um... we bought a new printer cartridge last night.. is that exciting?


Um... we're having kids night for dinner: Mac 'n Cheese and Polish Sausage Dogs.. don't worry, salad and green beans will be present. So is that interesting?


Well, at least we're getting warmer.

Let's see... Micah is working on a new project: a rocking horse for Jr. You know, like the original wooden ones, not one of these plastic padded deals. The classic one like I remember at Grandma's house growing up. Better?


Of course, it would be more interesting if I had pictures to go along with it, but since he just started tracing the pattern last night, it'll be a while before we have any real "action" shots.

Oh. Milo shredded the toilet paper yesterday morning.

There. That was the highlight of my day.

Yes, I have a crazy, hectic, but boring life. Surprise surprise surprise.

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