February 8th, 2010

Just around the corner...

I find it ironic that two of the biggest "days" for each gender happen within a week of each other this year.

Yesterday was the Super Bowl which, for most men, even those not actually interested in football, marked a time of food and fun and lots of yelling, at least around our place.

Next Sunday is.. do any of you guys know?

That's right.. Valentine's Day!

Valentine's Day is a wife's reward for putting up with her husband's antics on Superbowl Sunday. And thereby, the Super Bowl is a husband's reward for going through Valentine's Day. Well, since SBS comes BEFORE V-Day, it's more like the incentive than anything else.

So, saying all that, Superbowl Sunday was pretty fun! We all went over to the Nowlings since they have the big TV.. and cable. That's kind of important to have when you want to watch live TV. Sis Nowling made hot dogs and we brought polish sausage and there was baked beans and chili, then Jessa and Levi had chips and french onion dip (Jessa's pregnancy addiction that she blames on me since I got her started on it at the Youth activity last month) and soda, then we brought over the Corn and Black Bean dip (can't figure out what it is really called. It has 7 ingredients, that is all I know. That and Micah LOVES the stuff) and a layered bean dip mmmm. And of course, lots of nachos to go along with all that.

We ate.

And ate.

And ate.

And just for a change of pace, we ate some more.

And later on we ate again.

Oh yeah, we ate, too.

That's the only reason I ever even bother with the Super Bowl, to eat the food. That, and watch the near-fights that break out.. not in the game.. but in the living room between opposing teams. Brother Nowling and Micah were both very.. dedicated.. to the teams they were rooting for. Which was even more funny due to the fact that neither one was actually rooting for "their" team. Bro Nowling was rooting for the Saints because he was happy they beat the Vikings, and Micah was rooting for the Colts cause it's Nate's team and the fact that he plain just doesn't like the Saints. Says they play dirty.

Me, I could care less about the actual teams, so please, no debates. All I do is be a good submissive wife and root for whatever team Micah roots for.

I've learned that it makes our marriage go a lot easier if we root for the same teams....

So now that the Super Bowl is over, hello Valentine's Day! Since V-day falls on a Sunday this year and now only do we have church, but we also have a newborn photography shoot in the afternoon, we're going to celebrate over the weekend. Friday night we're going to go out to dinner using our free gift cards that I got at the company Christmas party. We'll either go to Orso's, where we went for our Anniversary, or Glacier Brewhouse, where we haven't been yet. Orso's is more romantic, for sure, but we love going to new restaurants, so we kind of want to try out the Brewhouse. We'll see. I need to make reservations this afternoon, as it will probably be filling up fast for Valentine's weekend.

On Saturday we'll have a nice (hopefully) lazy day at home. I want to try our hand at making homemade doughnuts since I saw them on Pioneer Woman. mmmmm. Micah LOVES LOVES LOVES doughnuts so I can think of no better way to make him happy than learn how to make homemade glazed, lighter-than-air doughnuts, just the way he likes them. We'll see.

Now for the big question: What is YOUR V-day plans with your sweetie?

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Do you ever? Or is it just me?

Do you ever read back in someone blog's archives?

I do.

Especially if I'm bored, lonely, emotional, or any combination of the above.

Which is pretty much every day now that I've hit my last trimester.

But the real question is, do you ever get the urge to comment on a blog post that is three years old?

I do.

Quite a bit in fact.

The sad thing is... I do comment sometimes. :/

Hi.. my name is Megan.. and I'm addicted to blogging.

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