February 4th, 2010

Just another normal day

This morning I woke up at my normal time, in my normal manner, dressed in my normal sleepshirt.

As normal, I stretched, sighed, and scuttled to the bathroom.

Like any other normal morning, I went to the bathroom to relieve my then-very relieved bladder.

(hey, it makes sense, doesn't it? haven't YOU ever wondered why it's called "relieving yourself"? because admit it... you heave a big sigh of relief don't you.. come on, admit it. you're not as prim and proper as you make yourself out to be. after all, we're all friends here, aren't we?)

I turned on the light, as normal, (yes I pee in the dark, I'm abnormal like that)and then proceeded to wash my hands, stick in my contacts (had to make sure I included the *wash hands* part, didn't want to gross anyone out. that would just be horrible of me, wouldn't it?), and proceeded to pull up my hair in a normal, everyday ponytail.

Turning around, I then threw up.

Not normal.

Especially at 8 months pregnant.

Unless you're me.

Then normal is a very relative term.

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